Direct Action, Dramatic Action


At what point do Americans, do we, stand up and start demanding our rights? When do we stand up and start defending our constitution? When do we start standing up to sexism, bigotry, racism, homophobia and all the other shit our president and his cult are championing?

When do we DO something? When do we take action? When do we stand up and make things change?

It’s 2019, in two short years we have emboldened Nazi’s to march proudly in the streets. We’ve allowed them to create the Alt-Right and recruit our children. The White House is refusing to act on online extremism. Our children and adults can casually browse Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Discord servers and easily find white power recruitment pages.

It’s 2019, we’re still allowing the poor to languish in a system that is set up to fail them. We’ve allowed our government to discuss cutting pell grants so children of those families are destined to stay in poverty instead of excelling. It’s 2019 and our local government are prohibiting us from feeding the hungry and homeless and scaling back our welfare systems designed to help said people.

It’s 2019 and several states are severely limiting abortion access or banning it altogether. The government is attempting to defund clinics and doctors who provide medical care for the working class and poverty ridden because they might refer someone for an abortion. Christofascists are writing laws that limit our rights to healthcare and choice.

It’s 2019 and we are putting children who have crossed our southern border in cages. We’ve jailed families and in Houston have them sleeping outside in the rain, we have children sleeping on the concrete. Some how this country has forgot that it was founded upon immigration, and in our circle jerk of how great we are, forgot that people will travel here because of said boasts.

It’s 2019 and we’ve retreated back in time, we have a government that openly envies authoritarian states. In this day and age, our country which fought in a world war against it, is now straddling the fence and stepping into Fascism.

So when do we rise up and act? When do we demand change? When do we do more than hold signs up and scream. Hell, half the people in this country don’t even support protest, even though Protest is Patriotism. Our country is headed down a very dark road, and we’re left sitting here wondering what happened.

It’s about time we start talking action.



Women’s Reproductive Rights & America


Welcome to the United States of America! We came so far in the last decade, only to regress back 70 years in half of a presidential term. Honestly, I’ve been sitting here staring at my screen for 15 minutes now. I just don’t even know where to start anymore. All of the other bullshit aside, which I WILL be writing about in other posts.. the current attack on Women’s Reproductive Rights is such a damned shitshow, where do I even start?

Several states have passed ultra restrictive laws pertaining to abortion. Alabama is the most recent one, the legislature has passed a ban on Abortion and it is currently waiting for a signature from their governor. When the bill looked like it was going to pass, the minority proposed a amendment to allow abortion in cases pertaining to rape and incest.

It was shot down. So if this bill is signed into law, women in Alabama cannot receive an abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, unless they and their doctors want to face 99 years/life in prison. Wow. I mean, wow. What do you even say to that?

Well, Twitter and Reddit have plenty to say. On the right you have men cheering and spouting nonsense about how women should “just keep their legs closed” despite the fact that it takes a dick to get us pregnant. You have people cheering on life sentences for women who get an abortion even though that sentence is harsher than most rapists, child molesters, and sexual predators receive.

Other people are bringing up cold hard facts. Like the fact that Alabama has the 2nd highest child mortality rate in the USA, only Mississippi is higher. Alabama’s child mortality rate is on par with Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Cyprus, and Ukraine. Or on a broader spectrum:

Alabama Ranking

Alabama is pretty much bottom of the barrel for our country. They have one of the highest infant mortality rates, the lowest education rating, and their healthcare is garbage. So instead of funneling tax payer money into any of these categories, you know, to keep existing children alive, educate them, and make sure they can get a job and rise above poverty.. Alabama legislature has decided to pass this bill, with the intention of fighting it all the way up to the Supreme Court.. at the expense of taxpayers.

No matter which way you look at it, it’s absolutely disgusting. We all know that abortions will happen whether their legal or not (and underground railroads will be set up again for women who wish to have an abortion), all this is is taking away a women’s autonomy. It’s designed to take away a women’s right to have a say over their own body and life. It’s taking away equality. It’s simply an attack on women.

One of the MOST common responses to the abortion debate is this: “There’s other options!! What about adoption!?” Well sit back, and let me tell you about my experience.

I became pregnant at 17. Primarily because I had never learned about contraceptives nor how the female reproductive system works. After dealing with Pregnancy Crisis Centers (Christian Scam Artists) and getting well versed on abortion from my medical provider (Planned Parenthood), I chose adoption. Back then I had those options, I was healthy enough to carry my child to term, and I didn’t want to go through what I thought would be the emotional turmoil of abortion.

I started looking up adoption organizations. I came across MANY scams, ie: trafficking, and then when it came down to meeting a lady from one of the legit ones, it became a race against time. It looked like my choice for adoption, would end up with placing my child into foster care as there isn’t as many people adopting as you think. The foster care system/social services is horrifically under funded and overwhelmed.. which you think these Christians funding these bills & laws would work on first.

I lucked out. My Stepma knew a couple who was trying to adopt as having a biologic child didn’t work out for them. After hearing about them, and then meeting them, I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED. I knew they were the right people to raise my child, and wanted to begin the process.

The paperwork was astronomical, and add on the fact that I was 17 and had no transportation, I had to walk MILES, while pregnant to meet up with my advocate. She let me know that it was going to be daunting, and a lot of work, but I had absolutely no idea. The first thing we had to do was to get the father to sign off on his rights.

Let me tell you, seeing as how he was the ONLY person I was sleeping with at the time, I KNEW it was his. That or the 2nd coming of Christ. So we contacted him and he refused and demanded a paternity test. For those of you who don’t know. A paternity test is not only invasive before the baby is born, but expensive (and not covered by insurance a lot of the time). My advocate essentially told him, either sign or be prepared for a child support suit (he was military, so that’s it’s own can of worms on his side) as soon as the child was born. We were able to get it signed and proceed.

In the coming months I had to prove that I wasn’t being forced into it, that I was of sound mind, and that this was not something that I’d back out of later (even though you’re legally allowed to). It was absolute hell. Add that on to the normal monthly and weekly OB appointments.. again, with no vehicle, and it was damn near impossible.

Fast forward to my son’s birth. It was horrific. I was 17, and had no idea what was going on. My OB induced, for a reason I still don’t understand (it wasn’t because of my health), so labor was STRONG, painful and horrifically long. Those labors usually don’t matter once you hold your child in your arms, but that was the most painful part. I had to hold a child, a child that I wasn’t going to take home with me, knowing that there’s a great chance I’d never see him again.

I had to walk out of that hospital, in pain, bleeding, without my child later that day. The emotional turmoil that I went through after that spurred months long deep depression and destructive behavior. Add that to all of the months I was unable to work (I was already out of school), and basically being thrown out of my friends group, it was a recipe for disaster.

For YEARS, at work, at college, in my every day life, when people found out I gave up a child for adoption the reactions were vastly negative. Rumors were spread among my friends regarding my sexuality, and I was loudly berated at my work: “You gave him away?!? You’re such a bad mother, only a shit mother would give up their child”.

I quit that job shortly after.

My point is, adoption isn’t this easy answer either. It’s signing up for a lifetime of grief and often times depression. It’s not the “obvious answer” in the abortion debate, and it should never be. Both options deserve to be weighed equally.

One that doesn’t deserve equal weight is “Just keep your legs closed!” or “Stop being a slut!”. As I mentioned above, this is absolute trash for numerous reasons. When it comes to “just keep your legs closed”.. so the argument is to remain abstinent.. 100% of the time until we’re ready to procreate? Short of sterilization (which I’ll get to in another post), birth control isn’t 100% effective. So, we’re just not supposed to have sex with our boyfriends, or husbands unless we’re procreating? We’re just supposed to keep our legs closed? Well guess what y’all.. I’m pretty sure the men would change their tune if we refused to have sex unless we’re trying for a child. I’m not even going to give the slut comments any use.. because in order for us sluts to get pregnant when we don’t want to be pregnant.. guess what we need? That’s right.. DICK. Back to logical thinking.. it takes two to get pregnant. The blame is NOT solely on the woman.

I just don’t get it. I don’t. I don’t understand how these Christo-Fascists can even live with themselves when voting in favor or supporting these bills and laws. No one is mandating abortions for women. No one. All we want is the CHOICE to make our own medical decisions.

It’s only a matter of time to see how far this goes. These states are violating federal law, so they must fight up the chain. However, when they make it to Kava-dick, is he going to hold to what he originally said? That he wouldn’t challenge existing law ie: Roe V Wade? I doubt it. We’re coming very close to the need for direct and drastic action (for many reasons INCLUDING reproductive rights), and the question is? Will you stand for what you believe in? Or live on your knees?



The Universe did NOT shit on me today!


Long ago I had called my Dad because something had gone horribly wrong in my life. He helped me figure out a solution, instead of burning it all to the ground, and when I thanked him he offered up a bit of advice.. or maybe experience is more accurate.

“Don’t worry, as soon as you get one part of your life, or one thing fixed.. something else will break. It’s how life goes.”

If that isn’t the truth, then I’m obviously living in an alternate dimension.

When I was in my 20s, one of my biggest problems was taking things in stride. Admittedly, I still struggle with that on occasion, when the problems pile up, and my anxiety gets going, everything is a world-ending ordeal. However, thanks to a lot of growing up and kicks in the ass from my pops, I’m slowly learning to deal with life’s every day problems. You see, my Dad was right, there is always something going wrong.

So in the last couple of weeks, we have sprung a leak in our roof, been rushing to get my car repaired for emissions, and had my lawnmower crap out. The same day that the lawnmower took it’s last bit of gasoline, I tripped and busted my ankle pretty good while attempting to repair it. It was one of those “last straw” moments, where I was either going to lose it, or set everything aflame.

It took me a little while to calm down, and think rationally.

Lawnmowers aren’t that expensive, and out of the issues at hand, it was the cheapest thing I could eliminate from my “worry list”. I sent Jon out to the store to buy a new one for us, and he was able to find a decent one for $140. Lawn was mowed, fire was had all was good for the evening. We luckily have also managed to find out where our roof is leaking. It’s not a bad leak, just needs some roofing tar, so we’ll take care of that the next nice day out. Then, we just need to repair the dryer vent hose, and turn on the outside water to see if we can figure out where it’s leaking. Minor projects, nothing major, and finally my brain is learning to deal with one thing at a time.

Over the weekend, I had been driving my car a bit to see if the check engine light would come back on. It had been off since I got it from the repair shop, and they had warned me that it should come back on and cause me to fail emissions. I was looking at replacing the fuel injectors at $1900, so we had opted to do a fuel system cleaning & my spark plugs hoping that that would hold it over until emissions. The car runs great, it’s just a matter of passing that stupid test.

Well this morning after Jon went to work, and the short one left for school, I figured.. let’s go get it tested. Last time I had emissions, I had just gotten repairs then too, and went too early for the computer to complete the test (and ended up failing the 2nd time, so I needed more repairs then too) so I figured that was the worst that could happen. However.. the universe took pity on me. The Rav4 passed the emissions test so I can renew my license plates!

Holy fuck is that a weight off of my shoulders! I felt about 50 lbs lighter driving out of there! So now it’s onto the next issue, but I’m lucky enough to be able to remind myself that none of it is world-ending, and that we’ll fix it one way or another.

Happy Monday.


Anxiety & Late Night Thoughts


I managed to get a bit of my outdoors to-do list done today, or rather yesterday as it’s now 1:10am. The sun was out after a few days of a good soaking rain, so I went and dug up and turned over the soil in my five raised garden beds. I had already planted two rows of lettuce and my chives (as they always seem to be a bit heartier than the rest of my regular crops) but finished almost all of the rest of it with a little bit of effort.

In the first bed I have the two rows of lettuce, chives in a corner, and two different pepper plants. This year we’re growing bell and shashito peppers.  In the plot next to it I have two rows of cucumbers, no trellises yet as I’m going to wait for them to sprout and see what needs to go where. In the next plot I have my two tomato plants. Usually I have four tomato plants, but the last year I had a lot of food waste and decided to downsize. I chose Celebrity and a neat heirloom. The fourth plot I have two rows of green beans, didn’t place trellises there either, just waiting to see what comes up. I also have a cute little hanging pot full of strawberries. I used to have them in a little section next to my raised beds, but they were awful to get to once the crops came in, and now my lilies started taking over the area too so I opted for the hanging pot.

I still have one more plot to use, but I haven’t decided what to put in it. Usually the last plot is for carrots and radishes, but I’m the only one who likes them so I am forgoing them this year. Eggplant and Zucchini were voted out too, again because of food waste last year and the plants were hard for me to manage. We then have one long garden plot, which we’ve been growing pumpkins in, but I didn’t have the energy to dig up a 10ft by 4ft plot today. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

Unfortunately I was not able to mow the lawn today. Last fall I wasn’t smart enough to add oil to the lawn mower, and it looks like it seized up over the winter. I messed with it a little bit but wasn’t able to fix it, so it looks like it’s going out on the curb and I’ll be buying a new one. It just sucks, it’s one more thing on the to-do list that directly effects my pocket book.

I did have a bit of a fall today though. I was walking down the steps for the deck to go get the gas can which needed to be filled up and tripped on one of my pavers I’ve been putting off fixing. A tree root has pushed it up a bit, so my shoe caught the corner of it and my ankle just rolled. It was enough pain to take my breath away, but the pain eased a bit for me to be able to run out for gas and a drive. However I am regretting that choice now, despite some decent painkillers, it’s hard to get comfortable without it hurting.

It was nice, I was able to fill up the gas can and drive my car around a little bit. I just got it back from the shop for the second time. The check engine light has been coming on, and after $900 in repairs, it looks like it will need fuel injectors, which is $600 in parts alone. I’m going to drive it for the weekend, and then take it to emissions testing on Monday. I’m hoping I’ll be able to apply for a waiver as I can’t afford the additional repairs and the repairs total out to more than what my car is worth. So the driving today helped, I’m going to take it out a bit tomorrow, and then on Monday I’ll go get tested.

Admittedly, it’s weighing on my mind quite a bit. The car runs really well surprisingly, but if the state won’t give me a waiver for the light, I won’t be able to drive it. It’s daunting to think about, even more so that something always seems to break before I can save up any money in my emergency fund. I know we’ll figure it out, one way or another. More importantly, I know that worrying about it doesn’t help anything, yet, here we are.

So I guess, I’m going to try and get some sleep again. Good night out there.

Family Isn’t Just Blood, and Blood Doesn’t Mean Family


I come from a very blended family. My immediate family consists of my Dad, Sister, Step Mom, Step Sister & Brother. My extended family is the same, with random marriages here and there, step siblings, grandpas, parents. We’re a pretty mixed bunch, and I completely love it.

Though as some of you know, I don’t stay in touch with my mother’s family. 90% of it is we are just living different lives, and lost touch over the years. Some of them I avoid because they’re toxic human beings who made me miserable and influenced my life in negative ways. Hell, while I now know my Dad’s side of the family (estranged for most of my not-adult life thanks to shit I had no control over), and I love talking with them, I’m also not super close to them. It is what it is, and just because we share some kind of genetics doesn’t mean I have to force them to hang out with me, or go out of my way to hang out with them.

I will go out of my way to help or spend time with my immediate family, not so much outside of it. However, I also include other people in my “family”. I have close friends who I consider family, people who have been there for me during the rough times as well as the good times. Hell, I would drive across the damn country if I was needed. That’s what family does.

My point being, is that it doesn’t matter your actual blood relation, adoption, or marriage for that matter.. what counts is your actions. Just because you’re related to one another doesn’t mean that there has to be some sort of relationship, that also means that you don’t have to tolerate negativity from someone just because they’re “related” to you.

While I learned this lesson long ago, someone close to me is learning it now, and it’s hard to watch it unfold even though I’m happy to see them standing up for themselves. This person has been struggling with their family’s constant monitoring of them, and their need for constant contact for years now. I’ve watched it unfold as they were expected to drop everything, regardless of their plans to preform some menial task for family. Over the years, as this person learned tasks that are pretty essential to being an adult, they started to wonder why their family didn’t teach them any of this, and why it seems like they were set up to fail. Hell, I wondered that much myself. All it took was them standing up for themselves and asking their parents to stop doing something illegal and frankly absolute bullshit for the threats to begin.

It was the eye-opening moment for them, they were able to see that if their family doesn’t get what they want, or the control they apparently crave, they will attempt to undermine this person’s livelihood. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just the way it is. All you can do is accept whatever behavior your “family” has, accept their attitude, and ask yourself: “Is this what I’m going to subject myself with for the the foreseeable future?” You can either deal with it, accept the negativity or back away, limit contact or cut them out of your life.

No one should have to put up with blackmail, negativity, abuse, or any of that in their life just because “they’re family”. That’s an absolute horseshit excuse. Just because someone is “family” to you, doesn’t mean you get to use them, threaten them, or control them.

That’s not what family is, and family is more the blood.

Early 2019: The Political Climate & Creeping Towards Fascism


Disclaimer: I am not fully discussing the Mueller Report, but I have read it. If you would like a PDF copy of it, you can find it on the DOJ website, or you can comment and I’ll send it to you. 

I’ve been screeching about Fascism & the United States Government for months now. I’m not the only one, although a lot more people are now also alarmed recently. In my opinion, our government, under the Trump Administration, is straddling the fence between our distinctive form of Democracy and Fascism.

Of course there is the uptick in hate-rhetoric and general nazis, but that’s not entirely what I’m screaming about today.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 6.49.13 PM

I’m referring directly to President Donald Trump and his administration.

As I’m sure you all know, the Mueller Report was released yesterday. I quickly obtained the searchable PDF version from friends (the one on the DOJ website is NOT a searchable version) and sat down with coffee, a notebook and a pen and started reading. 8 hours later I got through 4/5 of it. Yes, it’s that huge.

Inside of it, is tons of information in each volume, which there are two. The first volume covered Russia influencing our election and the idea that Trump committed conspiracy. They did NOT find evidence that Trump committed conspiracy, but there were several others whom they looked into, from the top of the food chain to the bottom. Donald Trump Junior was not charged because he purely didn’t understand or was ignorant of what he was doing and was involved in. (I had a good chuckle at that, he was essentially too stupid to be charged!) Most importantly it detailed just how far Russia went to infiltrate our elections.

Volume two covered obstruction by the President, and cited 10 examples which were then followed with how they did or did not qualify to the legal requirements of obstruction. It was damning. However, the special counsel did NOT make a judgement and left it open to congress and the AG. Posted below is a photo of the conclusion (I did not take it, but am posting this as I’m refusing to open that damn report again today) where you can clearly see that the report does NOT exonerate him.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 7.29.04 PM

Either way. The report has been released (granted it is SEVERELY redacted in parts) to both the public and congress, and outside of Trump’s base people are horrified. The report lists 10 examples or “keys” that if nothing else show Trump attempting to cover up, lie, or misconstrue information as well as trying to get Robert Mueller removed from the investigation and to close the investigation.

Which if you didn’t know, is shady.. as fuck.

People are outraged (and frankly they’re not all “libtards”.. it’s pretty far across the board) and an article of impeachment as been introduced into the House.

Now that that’s stated, (and don’t argue, I’ll just send you a copy of the report) here’s why I’m especially alarmed today.

Since the investigation concluded and we were made aware of it back in March, Trump has been parroting “NO COLLUSION – TOTAL EXONERATION!!”. Almost a full month of the same crap. Which whatever, is essentially what AG Barr had stated in his original presser, and then again yesterday morning before he released the report. (I do want to go ahead and point out that he’s NOT supposed to be acting in Trump’s best interest, but the country’s. Yet, he came out and attempted to spin it in favor of Trump, which people are still dissecting and disproving.)

However, once the report got released, and not only painted Trump, his family and his administration in a very bad light, but stated he was NOT exonerated by the report, Trump has gone into a rage. One that I consider very scary.

(Also, screenshotting Trump is HIGHLY annoying as he still hasn’t figured out how to create a thread on twitter after all these years.)

The last tweet, with the highlighted part, is what I’m concerned about. He has spouted this kind of rhetoric before, and his supporters cherish it (they’re still suggesting hanging anyone who was part of this investigation on Reddit, Twitter & Facebook). However, he has actually used the word “justice” in regards to all of this, purely because his administration was put under the microscope, and he came out slightly dirty.

We cannot label investigators “dangerous” yet. Do you know why?  We are lucky enough to still have a working government. We are lucky enough that when the suspicion of corruption/conspiracy came up (complete with enough proof to get the S.C. looking into it) our government actually INVESTIGATED. That’s more than a lot of governments around the world, and we should embrace what little we get out of ours. The Special Council did exactly what it was supposed to do, and proudly. Many people forget that Mueller is a card-carrying Republican, ex-director, and veteran, yet a lesser version of him could have potentially swept all of this under the rug. Mueller works for the law and for us. Which is something that Trump seems to miss, the government does not work for HIM. (<- See Mueller report: Trump states that the next AG should protect him. Barr comes into the picture.)

As Mueller clearly states throughout his report, his service is to the rule of law and that is not something we need to deem dangerous or “sick”. In fact, even remotely applying the word “Treason” to a legitimate investigation, one that fought for our country and it’s citizens, making sure that nobody “is above the law”, is deranged. That is exactly the opposite of what the president should be parroting.

He should be using his ridiculous Twitter Platform and his rambling speeches at events to champion our justice system, instead he makes comments about how “This should never happen again”.

What Donald Trump is proposing, and has proposed in the past is that our government and citizens should NOT be allowed to investigate a sitting president or his administration. That essentially gives full rule allowing a government to descend into dictatorship. If a government and it’s head of government is allowed to do whatever they please without the threat of an investigation, our country is doomed.

United States citizens need to remember it is our right to investigate our government. They work for us, not the other way around. We are lucky enough to still have a government that will turn its eyes inward to police itself. (Of course my friends, our government still has its MANY issues.. but today is about holding on to what little we have.)

To have a sitting president threaten anyone who investigates him, or speaks against him, with the full weight of his office behind him, is a heavy foot into fascism.

To have him call anyone who speaks out against him, or reports information that is not favorable to him, treasonous is a heavy foot into fascism. 

We need to wake up America, we’re getting closer and closer to a place we won’t be able to come back from, and nobody seems to care.

Disabilities & Chronic Illness : Swept Under the Rug


So last month a few articles broke and were shared on social media. I found it first on The Mighty. (If you haven’t checked out The Mighty, please do!) I read it and shared it but got virtually no response by anyone who is “healthy”.

How Social Media Monitoring Would Harm People on Disability Benefits

It also made other sites, but it wasn’t readily seen on Facebook, Twitter and the like, not like the Kardashians or Trump.

U.S. Government Wants to Use Social Media to Decide Who Is ‘Disabled Enough’ for Disability Benefits

However, Forbes picked up the story, and republished it about a month later. Better late than never I guess.

How A Trump Proposal Could Reduce ‘Happy’ Disabled People

Now before going on, I do ask that you actually read the above article, that way you’ll see the point of this blog entry, and why I’m so irritated. Either way, the sum of the article is that it has been proposed to monitor the social media of people who receive disability benefits from Social Security.

All of the articles I posted are very nice, and point out the downfalls of why it’s a horrible idea to judge whether or not someone is sick or disabled based off of their social media. Ie: Cutting someone’s benefits off because of a smiling selfie, or family vacation photos. It’s very hard to post “sick” pictures on social media. I’ve been chronically ill for almost 12 years now, and I can count on my hands how many pictures I’ve posted while I was sick. It’s hard to show your vurnerability on the internet. Instead we post pictures of us smiling, doing the things we are able to do, pretending.. we are healthy, or in the very least drawing attention away from the very things that plague us. Anyway.

Unfortunately how I found this article was not in a way that I liked.

Disclaimer: I believe that every honorably discharged veteran deserves any retirement, healthcare or disability they have earned. I also believe the VA needs vast improvement, and that the Trump Adminstration has stated shameful things re: veterans & VA disability. This blog is NOT to defame veterans who receive disability benefits through the VA or SSI. 

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 4.25.02 PM

Now Dylan Park is a veteran, and an activist who has spoken out for and against some very worthy causes. He has quite the following on Twitter, as well as pretty much anywhere liberal or veteran related.

However. When he saw an article that was relating to SSI and every day disabled citizens, he took it upon himself to use his platform not for voicing how dispicable the Trump Adminstration’s proposal is for disabled persons, nor how disabled or chronically ill people face many obstacles in trying to receive their disability payments.

He instead misconstrued the article in many tweets to say that the adminstration is doing as the article says but to veterans regarding their VA disability payments and pensions. Which while the first is simply untrue, pensions aren’t altered by your health. Maybe he meant payments? Or benefits? Either way. None of which, nor the VA or veterans for that matter is brought up in the article.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 10.40.32 PM

Again, I’m not arguing that Veterans do not deserve disability from the VA regardless of the percentage, nor am I arguing against veterans who get SSI. I’m arguing that you shouldn’t use your platform to steal what little awareness of an issue disabled persons, every day citizens who have not served, have to face and potentially will have to face when they are applying for or being reviewed on SSI.

I commented on the thread pointing out that it wasn’t about the VA or Veterans but rather SSI, and beyond two responses from random people, everyone just kept commenting things along the lines of “Trump doesn’t care about vets!” or “Respect veterans!!” Nor has he even revised his original statement, because he’s getting his Twitter fame. As of right now that thread has been favorited 9.8k times and retweeted 8k times.

The problem with that, is not only that he has stolen awareness from the chronically ill and disabled, but he is pointing the finger at the Trump Administration using an unrelated article. He is making an accusation with no sources. He is spreading fake news. Fake News. He is living up to what the Trump Supporters chant, and feeding into it the longer he doesn’t correct his statements and continue using his platform to misdirect all of his followers.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 4.43.28 PM

I guess I’m just disgusted. The proposal by this administration has been weighing on my mind as eventually it’s something that I will have to face. Like a lot of other ill people, I’ve been told “You don’t look sick” or “should you be doing that? I thought you were sick.” and I don’t want the government deciding how sick I am based off of selfies. I’m disgusted that someone who is priveledged enough to have such a large platform is using it to spread misinformation and generally ignore that actual issue the article is about.

I’m sure I’ll catch some flak for this post, as I will my posts on Twitter.. but I write for and speak out for people who are sick. I write for people who are chronically ill, and I write for my own struggle with my health. When I saw this parroted over Facebook and Twitter, it bothered me enough to write about it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update with a correction of mentioned tweet, but I’m doubting it. Disabled persons & the chronically ill tend to be just swept under the rug.