I deleted all of my entries.  It actually started with 1 entry, and then it just went from there. 

Apparently 7 months ago, I wrote a nasty blog about someone.  I had been mad about this person moving away from me and vented on here instead of throwing a hissy fit and then moved on with life.   Said person found it and was upset, so I deleted it after I found it.  

As I pulled up my list of 70-something entries, I realized I needed to turn a new leaf.   It seems like every two years or so, I end up jumping into another fucking phase in my life…. and then my ocd kicks in and I revamp my blogs, notebooks, social pages, and myself IRL.  So, I read each and every one, relived the good ones and talked shit to the bad ones (yes, I talk shit to a computer screen). 



Fresh Start.


So my mother in law sent my daughter’s birthday gifts a tad bit late, but we got them yesterday (hah, like 3 months after her birthday to the day).  So far Nood is pretty impressed.  She got a few books (which she loves) and a hand painted chair which she has been reading in all morning.

She also got a few other things, but for right now she’s content.  I need to email the in-laws and tell them that we appreciate the gifts.  
So my lovely sister came over yesterday to hang out.  I picked her up at the train station just before noon, with a few mishaps.  First I went to the wrong side, but I couldn’t drive to the right side seeing as how after I shut off my car to save gas it decided that the battery wanted to die.  So she walked to the right side, and we waited for someone to drive by.  Thankfully a rail worker came and I managed to make enough of a fool out of myself that he stopped and gave me a jump.  He thought I was kidding when I said grounding the cables was a bitch.  Anyway, so we headed back to my house after a round of grocery shopping.  I love my sister (most days lol) , we just hung out and talked.  
Before I had to take her back to the train station, Phil came over to hang out.  We all headed out to drop her off, and 4 train stations later (stupid us, thought she could catch a train at 6:12 at Round Lake Beach, but it was really at Waukegan), she’s on her way home.  So Phil and I head back to my house to get the kiddo ready for bed.  By this time, Nood has decided that she is Phil’s newest tumor.  She had him reading her books and carrying her around.  It was simply adorable.  When it came time to brush her teeth, she jumped in Phil’s arms and pulled the “Save me from my evil mom who doesn’t want to pay extensive dental bills” thing and wouldn’t let me brush her teeth.  Guess who she DID allow?  Yup.  So Phil brushed her teeth.  Then it was time for book and bed.  She wouldn’t let me near her and was screaming and crying.  Phil sat down on her floor and she plopped down in his lap and he read her her night time book.  Then I put my foot down and kicked him out and put her to bed.  LoL, it was pathetic, she was so mad when he left her room.  =)  Well, at least I know who will get her in a good mood when need be.  =)
Then I cooked us dinner and we just hung out.  It was all in all a good night. 

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