I’ve discovered this a million times, no, a million and one.  I am NOT a morning person.  I wake up pretty easily, and can function almost immediately, but oh good lord am I a bitch.  If I haven’t had at least one cup of coffee, I hate you with every fiber of my being.  You can sneeze and I’ll imagine ripping your eyes out of your head. 

You can’t tell, but I’m choking you right now.  
I think what it is, is when I wake up, I immediately start compiling my mental to do list and get overwhelmed.  I usually DO have a lot on my plate daily, but it’s not to the homicidal point.  Until that caffeine kicks in though, my brain convinces itself that I have to climb Mt. Everest in my bikini and that’s not a pleasant way to start your day.  
Moving on, so the last two nights, I was blessed enough to earn adult time, and was able to leave the house post 8 pm sans baby.  No I didn’t reaffirm my white trash status and leave her home alone.  Two of her babysitters were nice enough to watch her so I could get out of the house for a little bit.  I didn’t do anything amazing or anything, hell, I’m pretty sure I was slightly bored.  You know what though?  I didn’t have to talk with words like “Poopoo” or “potty” or “sippycupmomma”.  It was great.  I do get company during the day, but the kiddo is with me too.  So I think I gained some of that lovely sanity back.  
I need more coffee.

2 thoughts on “Grraarrrhhhgg.

  1. Was just reading a Cosmo article tonight that says something about it's hard for people to get up early because they overwhelm themselves, and instead of having all of your to-dos for the day stuck in your head right when you get up, that you should just worry about the first half hour. Think about what you'll wear and going to brush your teeth or whatever, instead of what you have to do all day. Idk, they say a couple days of that and it'll be habit… who knows.

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