I have law tonight.  I’m excited like I’m excited to get the plague.  I missed the first class because I’m an idiot (mixed up Tuesdays and Thursdays) and I’m dreading this one.  I’ve done all of my work that’s due, and have a topic picked out for my final paper, but I’m still dreading it. 

I think my previous teacher (English) ruined the shiny new gleam of college for me.  She spent the majority of the 4 hour class talking about herself and her masters +100 hours, her kids and their phds and majors, and what studies she had read recently (including, autistic kids have no emotions LOL).  I didn’t actually learn anything I didn’t already know, which really bummed me out.  I am great at writing, especially papers, and if it wasn’t for the grammar test, I would’ve gotten an A instead of a B+.  Whatever, anyway, she made me dread going to school for the first time since I was in high school (yeah, beer and boys were way more important back then…. *rolls eyes*  Hindsight is 20/20).  I just hope that he is able to spice up the class and I don’t fall asleep. 

As for the precious few hours left before class?  I’m just hanging out, baked some brownies that are now sitting out to cool.  The Nood is (not) napping in her room, and I’m contemplating a cup of chai.  It’s gorgeous outside today, and I’m feeling extremely guilty for not taking Noodle out to play.  This morning I was just in an odd mood and was relaxing, then we ate lunch and the kiddo needed a nap.  Maybe I’ll ask Tabby (her sitter tonight) if she feels up to taking her outside to play.  *Sighs*  At least it’ll be nice out tomorrow as well, maybe I’ll take her to the park in the morning or something. 


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