Sunshine. Rays. Or something.


Things over in Sarah Land are starting to look up… I think.  I add the “I think” at the end, because every single time I say things are looking up, they go straight down the shitter.  I have Crohn’s disease, so my shitter isn’t very pretty. 

I just got off the phone with my Dad, he’s done fixing up my sister’s car, and I can go get it now.  He’s letting me have it a tad bit early because my First Time Home Buyer’s credit hasn’t arrived in the mail yet.  This is great, now (when the hubs gets back to town) Tim won’t have to drive my car to work and I won’t be stuck in the house 6 days a week. 


The little Nood has been having a good day so far today.  She’s been really huggy and cute all day long, which I’m convinced is Natures way of making sure I don’t eat my young.  This morning when I went to get her out of her room she chirped “Good Morning Mama” and I nearly melted.  Then while I was drinking my coffee she was perfectly content to cuddle with me.  She’s also been repeating me all day. 

We went grocery shopping today, which is usually just about as appealing as having teeth pulled, and she was great!  She had a blast getting all of our items off the shelves (after I asked), saying the names, and putting them in the basket.  Several customers were oohing and ahhhing at her, and one lady even clapped for her when she was able to figure out which were the mushrooms and corn on the veggie stand.  I couldn’t believe it, no tantrums at all.  Thank god for the break from the hellish twos. 

As for tonight, Katie and her sister Ingrid are coming over for dinner and coffee.  I am excited.  Chicken Alfredo tonight!  Yummo!


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