Blogging to the Bears


So, being the fan I am, I’ve had the game on (eat it Packers) and have been continuing on with my normal crap while watching.  So why not blog?

If the Packs lose, I’m calling my Dad, leaving him a taunting voicemail about being a cheese head, and rubbing the Bear’s Victory in.  If the Bears lose, I’m turning off my phone.

I went and got my sister’s car on Friday (?), and oh holy hell that rim is bent!  I had asked my Dad about it when I picked it up and he said he had put it on the back and it shouldn’t effect the driving.  Yeah.  Rigghht. Thanks Dad.  So Katie drove it home for me, and I drove behind her (so no police could check the plates, being their under my sister’s name, and her license is still suspended and the plates are expired anyway) and I thought the damned tire was going to fly off (read: OMYCHRIST IT FLEW OFF IN THE MOUNTAINS to understand my fear).  I called my Dad about it, turns out that both him and I underestimated how hard Chelsea hit the curb, and he never noticed it on the test drive (he replaced all brake pads and rotors) because he never went above 30mph, and it doesn’t start shaking bad until 50mph or so.  So, now, when that stupid tax credit gets here, I must order a new rim and tire, except I have no idea how to go about it. 

Moving on.  So I helped Katie move after her helping me with the car, and wow, I forgot how much our parent’s generation managed to pack away.  It seems I blocked all the crap my Dad forced me to take out of my memory.  Either way, she was nice enough to let me take the curtains to cover my kitchen windows (which even though they are miss matched, they look good) after the *ahem* break-in attempt.  I also got some new plates, and a ton of pots and pans.  <3  You all know how I am about my cooking.  So major thanks to Katie (even though her anti computer butt will never read this). 

On to the break-in attempt.  (Em, I’m not sure if I told you about this, as my memory serves, I was on the phone with you discussing how my house was super creepy BEFORE I found the window, but I could be wrong… as I often am).  Anyway, Thursday night, Katie and Ingrid were over for coffee, so I didn’t go to bed until way to damned late (around 1ish).  Once I went to bed, I dozed for maybe an hour and woke up to the dogs growling and what sounded like the cats fucking around.  So I grabbed my airsoft pistol (thank god for airsoft guns made out of real 45s) and checked the doors and the windows.  All were locked and alarm wasn’t going off.  So I went to bed.  (Now this is not related to the attempted break in)  At around 3 am, I woke up again to a beeping noise.  My dogs weren’t bothered, it wasn’t my alarm, so I got up to investigate.  I searched high and low, and eventually ended up in the kitchen.  I just happened to glance at my stove and it’s the freaking timer!  I didn’t think to look there because the timer DOESN’T work!!  But there it is, going off at 3am!  Ugh.  So I went back to bed. 

Anyway, so the next morning I went about business as usual, but didn’t open all the windows just yet because it was still cool outside.  I got on the phone with Robert discussing the car business and decided to open the kitchen windows.  I go to open the window on the side of my kitchen and notice the screen is just “placed” in the window.  All of the pins had been pulled out, and there were gaps all over.  I touched it and it fell out of the window.  It was in the window the previous night (I check them nightly because the cats sit in the window and will sometimes pull the screen out of the framing) and I realized that I wasn’t just imagining shit the night before.  Thank god I lock all the windows, and thank god I have my dogs!  I swear, whatever little punk tried that is lucky I didn’t think to let my dogs out (or he ran away when he saw me storming through he house with a “gun”.  Whatever.  So I’m glad I got those curtains from Katie.  Now ALL windows are covered and no one can snoop.   I’m also going to upgrade my security system (which does not have individual alarm sensors on each window because I have a ton, and always have them open during the day) to include the glass breaking sensor.  Uck. 

Anyways, back to the Bears.


2 thoughts on “Blogging to the Bears

  1. nooo, you did not tell me about the window. You told me about the possessed stove timer and all. let's fingerprint the place and track that bastard down! Oh and ps. the bears blow! BUT not as bad as the Cubs!

  2. Haha I can totally see Sarah pulling a CSI move with someone and tracking down the punk by their finger prints. My god Sarah! I actually have a few things to bring up to you about RLB soon. I'm sure you have heard but in the off chance that you haven't…

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