Jack, Hard Cider and my Liver.


So lets start with the day before yesterday, I was showering and the dogs started barking.  I jump out and get dressed, look out the door, and there is Mr. Nikk.  After a slight problem with his car, it got impounded, so he had gotten dropped off at my house.  The morning was spend consuming coffee and my brand new banana bread recipe (gluten free baby).  I swear, my kidneys were trying to jump out of my body, and the banana bread caused a foodgasm.  We started trying to brainstorm what to do about his car and were about to give up and our friend Josh called.  After some threatening, he agreed to help out and come up and hang out. 

Josh is an old friend of mine.  I haven’t seen him in around 7 years.  Yeah. 

So anyway, after a trip to get his car, that failed, we met Josh at my house.  Piled back in the car, got his car, dropped Rob off, and came back to the house.  Josh is Noodle’s new best friend.  All the while in the car, she was playing peek-a-boo with him, which was explained to be mentally and physically draining because of how much energy was put into it.  After we got back to the house, she attached herself to him.  It was cute, but mildly annoying lol.  Anyway, after Nood went to bed, they had some beers and I had myself some whiskey (I still refuse to buy the gluten free beer and put myself into debt) and we sat and smoked, talked and reminisced.  I spend the majority of my drunk time laughing that them, and threatening Josh to bring his wife up to meet me. 

Yesterday, I spent the morning talking to Tabs (my next-door neighbor) and cleaning after my dogs DESTROYED my couch (I guess that gets bumped to the top of the list of things I need to buy).  Around 2 or 3 I went and picked up Nikk and we stopped and got some steaks and soda.  Back home.  Josh and his wonderful wife show up, and I am enamored with her.  She’s such a sweetheart.  Noodle attaches herself to Josh for a little while and we eat.  After Nood went to bed, Kenz came over to watch her, and we all headed out for some drinks.  Ended up at some dive the boys were familiar with and had some drinks and told stories.  Followed by coffee and home. 

I’m actually sad that it’s over.  Granted, Josh is from the old days, and hanging out with him and Nikk at the same time really remind me of the fun times (and not so fun, but funny now times) and I kinda miss it.  That and his wife was adorable! 

Either way it was fun to get out and have adult time.  <3

I’m off to mommy-work again. 

And hating my liver.


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