Melted Brains and Chai Tea


I’ve made a new resolution.  I’ve decided that I need to start taking care of myself, instead of always “saving money” and spending on the house and bills.  It took realizing that I only had 2 pairs of jeans, and a few winter shirts that fit.  That’s it.  (I also have a pack of wife beaters, and some 4 sizes too big shorts from my sister)  I had no makeup or nail polish.  No face wash.  No hair stuff.  Why?  Because I convince myself that I don’t need these things, that I could put that money elsewhere, use it for more important things.  Now while that’s partially true, I could use the $18 I spent on some jeans on a bill, or the $12 I spent on basic makeup on groceries, but as of right now (or last week when I went shopping) we’re caught up on bills and everything so I had to ask…. why not? 

Why do mother’s always (or usually) put themselves last?  Since when does becoming a mother include putting yourself last?  I remember my mother curling her own hair instead of going to the salon, even though her friend offered to do it at a discount.  I NEVER remember her buying new clothes.  My parents did go on dates, once every few months.  Why?  Before my mom got sick, we weren’t too late on bills, why didn’t she spend some money on herself? 

I guess I just don’t understand, even if I am guilty of the same thing.  So I have decided to chill out and treat myself once in a while, take care of myself.  Every mom should.  Every dad should.  Everyone. 


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