I’m still alive I swear.  Things have just been a little hectic over here.  I’ve been doing nothing short of running myself ragged, and honestly?  Enjoying it. 

I got my sister’s, now my car fixed… to the tune of just over $500.  It needed an ignition coil replaced as well as a rim/tire.  So that’s taken care of, so Tim can take that thing to work instead of using my truck.  I miss my truck.  I’ve only been with out for 3 days, but I hate driving with my ass to the pavement and feeling like I can get squished.  After the accident with the semi last year, I’m still not crazy about being near bigger vehicles. 

School is on my nerves.  I’m almost done with my Business Law class.  It’s honestly not that bad, and kind of interesting but the teacher’s grading is really harsh.  That and I’m teamed up with a couple of people for a final project, and they aren’t helping at all.  Next semester I have Psychology online, and I’m also enrolled in another campus class but I will be dropping that.  I need to give my brain a well needed rest.  I don’t think my dean and teachers can take any more of my infamous angry face.

Other than that, just a few minor things are new.  Made some new friends, whom I adore and I’m pretty sure I’ve stalked the hell out of one to the point of getting myself strangled (Melinda, you know you miss me in your shrubs, but I couldn’t take the cold, my cheetos kept freezing). 

I’m just making it a point to live my life.  For the past few years, with being pregnant, and getting very sick I missed out on what I deem to be a lot, and ended up being a frumpy stay at home mom with no friends.  No more.  I’m 23 and I will enjoy my life. 

Live life before you die.


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