Late Night Coffee and Street Fighter.


Times are a-changing in the realm of awesome-ness.  (echo echo echo)

My husband I have have split, which was my choice.  Long story short, I was just not happy anymore, and need to give myself a chance to live.  There were/are numerous problems in our marriage, which had made me reconsider the whole situation.  However, in typical Sarah-Hates-To-Explain fashion, I am not going to drag that out on my blog. 

So, being a psuedo-single mom and all, I am now back on the job hunt again.  I’m afraid that all I’ll find is TechSmart part duex, which in all due reality I’d rather suck on hairy man boobs that do that again.  I have an application/resume in with my step-mother’s department at a local hospital, apparently there is a receptionist job open, and I’m really gunning for it, and I’m sure hoping that having a step-ma in a higher position helps me out.  Other than that the prospects are few and far between.  I’m sure I’ll find something, but I don’t like being in this position. 

Other than that I’m just trucking along.  Trying to make new friends, and continuing re-inventing myself.  I know I have shocked the hell out of some of my friends with the high heels and such, but you all can just eat it because I’m lovin it!  I’m only 23, and just now starting to feel human (minus a minor flare of the Crohn’s) and I WILL take advantage of it.  You have to live before you die… or kill someone…. or yeah. 

Oh.  I’ve also developed (or re-developed) an unhealthy obsession for Shirley Manson.  YouTube it.


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