I ate Elmo for breakfast


I have been stressing big time today.  I think between the internet and real life I’ve put in close to 30 job applications today, and let me tell you, it’s like every time I submit one, my stress level jumps.  I realize I’ve only been looking for a job for a week or so, but still.  Every other time that I’ve had to search for a job, I was only taking care of myself.  Now the weight of my daughter’s well-being is on my shoulders. 

I keep telling myself to chill out. 

Then I get overwhelmed. 

Oh well.  Since when have I ever chilled out and not obsessed about something?  NEVER. 

So like I said, I’m on the job hunt.  I’ve already come across some very interesting jobs, unfortunately I cannot find the mistress ad on Craigslist that Robert had forwarded me in April.  Ha!  That would’ve been hilarious…. if I could’ve put up with old hairy wrinkly balls.  Which I cant.  So no.  Still, how awesome of an interview would that have been.  “Hi!  I’m here to interview for um…. the…. take all your money….I mean mistress postion?  I hear you pay for travel and nice new cars!”  Lmao.  The article even said “must preform wifely duties”.  I nearly died laughing. 

Other than that garbage, things are going pretty good I guess.  Just living day to day and trying to get as much social interaction as possible! 

For now, the child is demanding a binky hunt… apparently the world will end if I don’t find it. 


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