Wow, Vengeful much?


Okay well yesterday I had realized my soon-to-be-ex husband had shut off my cell phone, I had it turned back on, but apparently he’s in a vengeful mood.  So this morning, I’m steam-cleaning my carpets (my get together on friday night trashed them) and I see a Comcast truck pull up.  Then I see my next door neighbors storm it… *laughs*.  It turns out it wasn’t *he who shall not be named*, but a regular old tech.  He was here to pick up the internet equipment.

Fuck.  Well, apparently the cell phones weren’t the only thing in his name.  So anyway, I explain to the technician that T is a huge prick and trying to screw me left and right.  So he makes some calls.  Mid-way through his phone calls, I try and call a friend of mine only to discover my phone is shut off again.  BUMBLEFUCK.  So this technician asks me “Is your husband or ex or whatever really this much of a prick? I would never treat my wife, ex or not, like that”.  I almost started crying, so instead I chucked my blackberry against the wall.  

Savior tech from heaven managed to find a way for me to keep my internet on for today, but I have to go in to the local office tomorrow and talk to them.  I was thankful enough for the internet so I left it at that. 

So off to the Sprint store I went.  3 hours later I have my own account (no deposit! yay good credit!) and a brand-new BB.  Take that asshat!  Now when my phone goes off I won’t have to worry that it’s jack-ass-take-it-in-the-butt-ex.


We also just took care of the the car issue.  I had my Rendezvous truck, which was under his name with me as a co-signer.  He had the Altima (drag your ass on the pavement car) which is paid off and under my name.  Apparently my wonderful Daddy took it upon himself to call Tim and get him to swap cars with me.  So that happened with little excitement thanks to Rob being here, and I now have possession of the Altima.  The idea behind that is since he’s refusing to pay child support before a court order, and I don’t currently have a job, it’ll lessen the financial blow on me.  *shrugs* Whatever. 


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