Skateboarding in Heels


Today was a great fant-abulous day.  I went to Comcast and owned the shit out that corporation.  They should be here on Wednesday to hook up my services and disconnect T’s crap.  So that was taken care of.  I came home and hopped on facebook and chatted with my 14th wife Heather.  I had left my jacket at Mandy’s a while ago, and needed to pick it up.  Mandy was knocked out so I headed over for coffee with Heather. 

We chatted a while and had some coffee while our kiddos played with each other.  It was definitely nice to have some adult female human interaction.  We just chatted about our lives and relaxed, and I got to meet her boyfriend.  Mandy eventually got up and joined us.  After some chit-chat I struck a deal with Heather’s boyfriend:  He would come and clean my gutters and the aftermath of my party on friday as well as mow my lawn.  I know he needed cash and I needed help.  So we all headed over to my house and got that taken care of.  While the Nood was napping we were all hanging out outside, and I got the bright idea of attempting to skateboard with my stilettos on.  One:  it’s totally possible even if you have no coordination like myself, and Two:  when you repeatedly bust ass, it makes people laugh.  So I busted up my right wrist and right leg.  But it was well worth it. 

After all of that, we went back to Mandy’s for some delicious dinner and hung out.  I did have to leave though because the kiddo was tired. 

Just a great day.


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