An Update on my Crazy Life


I haven’t written in a while, I know, shame on me.  Things have just been crazy, in good and bad ways.  I guess that’s what makes life interesting.  I haven’t talked to the ex in a while, mostly due to the restraining order.  I got sick of the creep-tastic-ness.  Either way, it’s not like he wanted to see the kiddo despite my attempts. >_<  So that’s that for now, my court date is the 13th. 

In the past couple of weeks I have been expanding my friends basis, which is completely BALLER.  Met a lot of new people and have been hanging out with everyone.  I think I can see quite a few good friendships developing, which is always a plus, and if not, then it was still fun to hang with everyone. 

I’m also trying to be a better friend to the ones I already have, and I hope it’s working.  I’m close with my sister and my Dad, but that’s about it, and a lot of my friends are more like family.  <3 Even ones in St. Louis.

*facepalm* I’m regretting taking Psych101.  I mean it’s interesting to a point, but the nightly reading is killing me.  I can’t seem to keep my focus on it.  Other than that, I’m just glad I’m in school. 


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