The body is in my trunk with the can of gasoline.


So it’s time for a re-invention of Sarah yet again.  I’m not sure I like where my life is heading… mediocrity.  I don’t want that at all.  While being a lush fun person is great and all, I’m getting bored.  I’m getting tired of making everyone else happy and putting my own well-being and advancement on the back burner.  I never put myself into a position where I come in last, but I’m not advancing as fast as I like and people are starting to think they can take advantage of me. 

Last night I decided to do what *I* want, not what everyone else wants me to do.  I realize that I’m the “fun person” and my house is the place to be, but if I don’t feel like having people over taking up space and breathing my air, I won’t.  I ran into a bunch of people last night that are older than me (and some younger) that are stuck in a rut… a rut that I was in when I was 15.  I got aggravated and pulled a Sarah and annoyed them.  I don’t need to be hanging around with people that I passed up in time years ago.  Granted, I realize that I went through the majority of the shit they’re doing at a really early age but still. 

I don’t know.  It’s just that everyone expects that partying should be my main priority, and honestly I love it, but it’s not.  I have a family, legal obligations, school and my health to worry about.  Those come first. 

On a health note.  I’m on a new kick of eating healthier (despite that package of cookies the other night lol) and exercising.  My health is in the shitter (no pun intended crohnies) and I’ve got to do the best I can to be as healthy as I can.  I realize that I’ll never be up to par with a healthy human being but I will damn well try, plus lookin’ good can’t hurt.  Also planning on cutting down and quitting smoking… I know some of you lurkers just spit your soda out everywhere, but I’ve been planning this since spring.  I have too much out there trying to kill me to be adding to it myself.  So eat it and choke on it. 

Oh and to those who just made the “Skinny Bitch” or accused me of stealing the attention, go trip fall and die.  If you all want to feel better and have more confidence, do something about it.  Until then stfu and stop complaining about myself and a few others.  *snort*  We’re not in highschool anymore children, the world doesn’t cater to you, and nothings going to change unless you make it change. 

Anyway, here’s to Sarah’s Re-invention part III, Day 1!


One thought on “The body is in my trunk with the can of gasoline.

  1. #1 I thinks that I might be allowed to pull the "skinny sarah" crap here in a few months, lol, I'm just saying. Hey I've earned the right being in the same boat and all… and plus I know you'll be making fun of me here real soon, lol!As far as everything else goes I'm 100% behind you. Without getting all hormonal and sappy on you, you deserve to have the best in life and to not be held back by those who can't or won't change. The true and good friends should be cheering for you and only laughing at you occasionaly :)It's time for me to shut up now and to go be sick. ;pLuvs ya!

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