Coffee and Cigarettes


I am so mentally exhausted it’s not even funny even more.  Usually I can find humor in my mishaps and craziness but I’m just tired. 

So on Monday I went to a job interview in the mall for a new kiosk, basically they sell candy and it’s self-serve.  So granted it’s minimum wage, but I wouldn’t have to do a whole lot and it’s in the mall.  I’ve owned mall jobs in the past and I know I can do that shit. The owner said he was really impressed with me and to expect a call after Wednesday, so I’m really hoping.  I also put in an application with a friend at another kiosk that is well established.  I don’t really know what’s going on there. 

Then yesterday I went for an interview at Kmart down the street from my house and got hired on the spot.  Orientation is on Saturday.  I’m dreading it, but a job is a job. 

Then today I have an interview at a local staffing agency (which is apparently female owned which rocks), I hope something comes out of that. 

Ugh.  So in other news, my order of protection is extended until the 8th of December.  Tim is fighting it with a lawyer, so this will be fun.  I have to meet with my parents tonight to see about my lawyer.  I’m not sweating it too much, but I had kind of hoped he wouldn’t drag this out in court on top of the divorce, but I should’ve expected it.  Blah. 

Other than that, like I said I have to meet up with my Dad and my stepma tonight.  This was actually set up via text message with my stepma earlier in the week (and I think it’s the coolest thing that she texts, since my pops can barely turn on his phone).  We’re going to Rainforest Cafe… hoorah! 

Ugh.  Wish me luck peeps!


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