Here it is lurkers, my overly-cheesy-omg-thanksgiving post.  I actually have a lot to be thankful for this year, so this may take a while.  So sit back, get your coffee or beer and relax. 

I’m thankful for my new friends I’ve made in the past couple of months, it’s been a blast, and you all haven’t been scared off by my crazy antics or random-spur-of-the-moment kitchen parties.  Most of ya’ll know what’s going on and have still been there for me anyways, regardless of the fact that you don’t know me well and have no reason to be.  <3

I’m thankful for my long-distance-friends, that’s you Em and Mel!  Mel sends me postcards from the different places she visits, and leaves me little comments just when I need them, she’s still my friend despite the fact that we first (or closely after) started our friendship with a conversation about WOW chips and anal leakage.  Em has let me talk to her about all of my drama or just rant and complain for no reason whatsoever.  She’s put me in check and told me when she doesn’t agree with things I’m doing, which earns her major points in my book.   <3

I’m thankful for my friends that put up with me long term.  You guys have seen me through thick and thin and stood by me through the craziest shit.  You put up with my random bitchy-ness, mood swings, and every single phase I’ve gone through.  You let me vent even though I repeat myself, you deal with my constant messaging and don’t worry too much if I go hermit for a while. 

I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be, yet you all deal with me anyway, and I love you for it. 

I’m thankful for my family.  I’m thankful for my Dad for being macho and awesome.  I’m thankful for my step-moms advice on the divorce crap.  I’m thankful for my step bro and sis for playing with Nood every chance they get.  I’m thankful for my little sister for being more like a best friend than that brat I used to beat up.  I’m thankful for my future ex husband because he gave me my reason to keep moving, my daughter Noodle.  I’m thankful for my house, job and car and that I have the power to keep moving. 

Okay.  That’s enough,  too much cheesy mushy crap.  I just puked in my mouth a little. 


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