The body is in the trunk…. move move move!


So here I am, drinking my morning cup of coffee, when I receive a couple of text messages. 

C: We drinkin’ tonight?
Me: No, I have plans and work in the morning.
C: O, that sux, so wuts wrong?
Me: Nothing
C: Party tomorrow?
Me: No, prolly not.  I have homework.
C: Lame. 
Me: Yeah, but needs to be done
C: wutever

Okay, seriously?  It’s called priorities people.  This shit just gets on my nerves.  Yeah, I’m only 23.  Yeah, I love to have fun.  However, no matter what, my family, school and work come before “fun”.  Am I seriously the only one to think this way (correction, I have a few friends that do)? 


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