I am the master at multitasking.

Give me some coffee and I can tackle a million projects at once.  I’ve never been one to slow down, never the one to quit or give up.  I’ve always got to keep moving.  Keep it Keep it Moving.  When things get stressful, I take on more.  Still not panning out?  Need some more projects!  Get that to-do list going baby!  It’s my own personal way of dealing with things.  If I sit at home and don’t do anything, I start to dwell on shit and make things worse.  If I stay busy, not only am I productive, but I work through all the craziness.

There is one downfall of my strategy.  Once in a great while I over-do it.  I overwhelm myself and end up crashing.  Nasty style.  What can I say?  Sometimes the stress and problems get to be too much, and there is not enough time for all the projects I need to cover it all.  Make sense?  No?  Eh.  Get over it.

Anyway, that’s the point I’m hitting now, however this time I realize I’m about to strangle everyone melt  my brain.  I realize I’ve taken on way too many projects, some willingly and some unwillingly (aka legal issues), but the plus side of realizing it is that I am able to attempt to organize my time better to get everything finished.  Unfortunately for the people who have to deal with me and my mental frenzy, I am not willing to drop any of my obligations (even though only one is optional) just prioritize.

I also realize I need a day of rest.  (and I was going to totally make a creationism joke here… but I’ll refrain)  That day is tomorrow.  What am I doing tomorrow? I’m going to motha fuckin Big Lots to buy a small xmas tree, maybe do some xmas shopping, and SIT ON MY ASS.  I am going to sit around with my daughter, rocking out in the pink bathrobe and undies watching horrible movies while attempting to live on my couch.  I am not doing a goddamned thing on my list tomorrow…. minus xmas decor because I have a xmas fetish.  Yes.  That’s right.  I said it.  FETISH.

Okay.  I’m off to get more sleep, 4 hours in 2 days is nooot enough (and yes, the lack of sleep was worth the fun we all had).


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