There are bodies in my trunk.


Well, not really.  My trunk of my car is smashed in from the accident.  So I guess if I had bodies they’d be inside my car.  I’d prop them up in the seats like they were still alive.  Seatbelt them and everything, maybe give one a cigarette.

Last night got a little out of hand.  I had some people over to chill, and some drama broke out.  I swear, I felt like I was 15 again.  Everyone was picking on this one girl, and I finally got sick of it.  I don’t see why?  They are calling her out for things that I myself do or am doing.  I don’t know why she gets the brunt of it.  So that shit started, she told me what was going on, and everyone’s ass what out in the snow in 3 minutes flat.  So her and I sat down, had tea and talked it out.

I was partly offended because at the beginning of the night, I told everyone not to pick on her or they would all have to leave.  I have no problem booting everyone out, I really don’t care, yet they still did it.  I’m not much one to deal with drama.  I have this flight thing I do.  If drama comes to me, or close to home, I dip out.  Simple as that.  You won’t hear from me, I’ll go hermit style and hop on over to my next group of friends.  I have so much crap on my plate right now it’s fucking ridiculous and I refuse to add more to it, especially unfounded drama like last night.  They can try to convince me otherwise, but it’s unfounded.

Whatev.  So my “kitchen parties” are on hold for a while.  No more.  I was disrespected when they brought that drama to my house, so in return I’m done.  I guess that’s one way of knocking some projects off of my plate.  I would like to chill with grrl again though.

I just keep wondering.  How old are we again?


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