Kids. Taste good with katsup.


Is it Friday yet??  No?  It’s only Wednesday?  Fuck.

Today just dragged ass.  Actually, work wasn’t all that bad, it was just running around afterward I think.  I started to get tired during the last part of work, then had to grocery shop, run some other errands and pick up the mini-me.  I got home almost 3 hours after I actually got off of work.

Noodle was actually in a decent mood when I got home.  Then it just all went to shit.  Nood just went straight down hill and the dogs started ripping shit up.

By the time my daughter requested to go to bed, I was so frazzled and stressed out, I reached the point where I totally understood why mothers in the wild eat their young.  No seriously.  I even pulled out the katsup.

I’m just glad today is over, I have tomorrow off of work and the ex is picking up Noodle again.  So I’m just going to bum around the house and then go Christmas shopping after she goes.

I just don’t know.  I’m on my second semi-chill night of the week (in the longest time) and it’s not helping.  I think I’m going to start some new projects.


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