Psychology turns me on baby.


or not.  No.  Seriously not.  I freakin’ hate Psych!  I just finished my final, and I’m pretty sure I failed because of the essay questions.  *rolls eyes* Do I care?  Hell to the NO.  Well, maybe a little bit, but only because I wanted the credit, but I can re-take the class later or substitute it with another one.

I don’t know what came over me, why the hell would I want to take my online final at 9am.  You would think I would wait until tonight… but noooo.  I HAD to do it now.

So I have Advanced English Comp next session (the second set of 8 weeks in the semester) and I’m also dreading that.  I’m actually really good at cranking out papers, but it’s just time consuming, and I’ve been so freakin’ busy it’s not even funny.  I’m just glad I have it online though, my teacher for the first English Comp was a freakin’ NAZI.  I swear.  This is the same teacher who told Rob that Autistic people don’t have emotions, then proceeded to spend the rest of the semester telling us about her Master’s degree and 100+ hours, and her PHD kids.  I passed the class with an A, like I said I’m good a writing, but I spent the entire session thinking about different ways I could kill my teacher.


Reply, do it, you know you want to!

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