Just Dance.


Just Dance.  It’ll be alright. Just Dance.

I am in a phenomenal mood!  My body hurts, my eyes are tired, but I can’t stop smiling.  Hell, I didn’t even get laid.

I went dancing.

One thing people don’t realize about me, is not only am I the crazy bar chick who ends up dancing all over the place, it’s that it’s actually one of my hobbies.  I’ve loved to dance as long as I can remember.  I only have a few memories of my mom, but most of those are her teaching me to dance to crappy 80’s music.  Dancing is actually the only thing I have that clears my head.  When I go dancing I don’t think about anything, my head just empties and I move.  As long as there is a decent beat I can move my body to, it’s heaven to me.

So I’ve been super stressed and upset these past couple of days, and it got to the point where I couldn’t sleep.  Then Joe messaged me about a DJ show last night at Pugs in Fox Lake.  I usually stay out of Fox Lake, but I was totally down.  We showed up and it was kind of dead so we just amused ourselves with chatting.  I was kind of worried that it was going to be a slow night, but sure enough it filled up.  So just as Joe was leaving, my friend James showed up, hell his Dad was even there!  So I had friends, good music, and lots of people around me. Danced, laughed, smiled and had such a great time.  It cleared my mind, and I feel like a brand new person again!  My head was so clear that I could put things in perspective.

I needed that.  Just Dance.


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