2009- A Year to Choke on


Wow.  What a crazy ass year.

Hell.  I’ve been crazy this year.

Lets see.  What happened in Sarah World this year.

-Bought a House-
-Went into Remission with my Crohns-
-Continued in School-
-Separated from Tim and filed for divorce-
-Therefore becoming a single mom-
-Got 2 different jobs, held one down-
-Dock’s Bar and Grill started it all-
-Made new friends, some good ones too (who knows what could come of this! <3)-
-Finally became Happy-

This year has been simply one of my craziest yet, emotionally more than anything, god knows my teenage years were totally off the wall (thank you chi-town).  I made some huge decisions this year as well as dove into some completely new scenes.

I’ve been a bit of a nutball as well… a lot of my friends have had to deal with some major bullshit on my part, and a good chunk of them have helped me deal with a lot of stupid crap.  With out them, I’d for sure be on the 3rd floor of St. Therese.

Mandy, thanks for dealing with my random venting sessions.  You’re the only one left who has seen me through all the stupid phases I’ve been through, so you’re the only one who can give me dead on advice.  With out you and our coffee sessions I’d be lost.

Brad, thanks for being there through the recent drama with court and tha ex and such.  Thanks for being my fake-date and keeping track of me when I’m crazy drunk.  Love hanging with yah, and love having a guys perspective. (Charles, the perspective part covers you too)

Charles, thanks for listening when I spazz out and watching Noodle for the nights at Docks.  Thanks for coming around when yah can.  I’m glad you stayed in the IL.

All of my sitters, thank you all for watching my hellion-demonspawn-child for me.  I know I don’t pay a whole lot, but I appreciate the help, and with out you all, I wouldn’t be making it (both in my work and my sanity).  I <3 yah all.

To all my grrls, I love you all and thanks for partyin’ with me.  I know I’m not great in the friendship department with females, but that’s one of my resolutions, to work on my female relations *wiggles eyebrows*

To all my boys, thanks guys for partying with me, and bringing me up when I’ve been down on myself.  Thanks for driving my ass around, and listening to me have female breakdowns lol.  I appreciate it, and love seeing all of you!

To ALL of my new friends.  Just wait to see what’s in store… ask around.  Things get craaazy.

Much love.




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