the party dont start till I walk in.


So last night was the first “Kitchen Party” of the year.  I’m actually really surprised at the outcome.  Brad and I managed to rack up a small headcount, but enough to keep me entertained.  I broke even on cash/booze and EVERYONE was super respectful.  I’ve woken up to such messes before, that I’ve nearly cried.  This morning?  I think I need to take out the recycling and do the dishes.

For Realz.

I got to hang with my girls, see some of my boys, and have a fun time!  It was a great start to the kitchen parties of the new year.  A few people didn’t get to make it out, but it’s still January lol, I know it’ll be a good year.  Made a few new friends as well… and was introduced to the 18 year old ”  Queen of the World “.  I almost knocked her out, but decided to end the conversation with “Enjoy it while it lasts hun, because life is going to knock you on your ass.”  She looked kind of hurt, but then moved on to getting my buddies number.  *rolls eyes*

Got some business work done pre-gathering too.  Hoorah for staying on task… half way done.

As for today?  Tim gets Nood at 3, so I’ll nap and work on my English homework.  Bah.


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