Creeping in my Skin


This is going to be ranting mostly.
If you don’t like what I have to say (and yes, I’m talking to you 34 current lurkers)
feel free to click the X.

I get entirely too tired of the random drama.  I’m not much one to stick around for it, but I’ve done a pretty good job lately.  However, I think it’s time to call it a day.  For real.  When I want to strangle half of the people I come in contact with, it’s time to get moving.

People just don’t understand why I don’t care… or rather why I don’t care enough.  I have my close friends and they won’t change, but the rest of them are temporary for all I care.  That’s how it works.  I meet someone and I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt, but unless they can prove otherwise I view them in passing.

I’ve thought like this for a while.  Life is short, and I view mine as particularly short, so I refuse to dwell on small things.  If someone proves to be too much drama or whatever then I’m good.  *Presses the “Next” Button*  I’m not saying I’ll dip on my close friends if their life gets dramatic, but if it’s stupid shit, like he said she said crap, then you’re gone.  It’s not worth my time.


I guess I just don’t understand why things get so riled up.  Now I’m not by far a really laid back person, but c’mon now,even my ass gets sick of it.   I don’t have the time or patience to fight with people.  If you’re mad at me, cool.  Be mad.  Just make sure to say something to my face and I’ll let you be.  If some one wrongs me, especially if they are close to me, yes it burns, but it’s only temporary.

There is too little time to waste.


One thought on “Creeping in my Skin

  1. Emily

    I am not a lurker. Like I said, it tends to be too much work to comment in here, lol, so neener!

    Anywho, despite the fact we became friends over Your drama (lmao, don’t deny it) I 100% agree. Sometimes life throws you curves, and you can’t help the bit of drama that it hands out…. but…. choosing to live a drama filled life, causing drama for the sake of drama and all that bullshit…. welp in short it’s a sad excuse of a life… and very few people will choose to surround themselves with it. So there. Enjoy.

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