He did WHAT?


Nothing like a large dose of jealousy to send a relationship on the decline.

Checking his/her phone.  Looking through the cookies on the computer.  Questioning the mutual friends.  Demanding to go with whenever he/she goes out.  Accusations.  Guilt trips.  You name it and I’ll most likely attach it to jealousy.  Even paranoia.   Both will destroy a relationship if you let it… not even just romantic relationships either.  Jealousy is an ugly thing, and for me, it’ll make me want to knee you in the throat.

The way I figure it, is if you can’t trust your significant other, than maybe your relationship is already doomed.  I mean, if there is no trust at the base, then what is there?  Don’t throw that “Love cures all” crap at me either, because I don’t believe that.  You can love someone even if they are in your face accusing you of cheating.  (unless you did it) Love doesn’t make that right.  Love doesn’t make a lot of things right, but that’s an entirely separate blog and I’m sure I would need to mainline some caffeine to get through it.

You have to have trust.  You have to believe that the person you are seeing/dating/fucking/are married to will be coming home to you at the end of the night.  You also have to remember what you signed up for.  Myself for instance, I have a lot of problems in relationships and the like because of how many male friends I have and my tendency to bounce around and talk to every one.  I’ve always had more male friends then female friends, hell, some days I think I have a theoretical dick (or an honorary penis as B puts it).  That doesn’t mean I’m getting boinked (yes I soo went there) by all of them.  Everyone I have dated or whatever has known this fact since the beginning, but eventually it turns into a jealousy factor.  Then I get annoyed and dip.  I’m also a very social person, if I go out, chances are I will run into people that I know and I will talk to them.  I’m not going to be a huge bitch-face and strike up an hour long conversation with someone if I’m out to dinner, but a party?  It’s possible.  Regardless of who I’m talking to, I know who I’m coming home to.   If I start dating a bartender, I’m not going to demand that he stop speaking to females seeing as that’s part of his job.  See what I’m getting at here?


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