*snort* Good Morning


I don’t wanna do a god damn thing, I don’t wanna leave my bed today.

Okay, so I should seriously take this morning as a sign to go back to bed.  Just like I should’ve done with yesterday morning.  The kid made the same exact mess except for instead of cat litter it was rice.  *facepalm* Carl woke me up to it.  I just got up and asked if there was cat litter lol.

So the big stuff is cleaned up, Carl’s back in his room, my kid is watching tv, and I’m picking rice out of my socks. People wonder why I’m only having one kid.  If I had another one that took part in the destruction of my house on a daily basis, I’d have outdoor children.  Wait.  What?  That’s illegal?  I’d give them a heated…. ohhh never mind.  I figure if I kept typing that DCFS would be knocking in record time.

I think in all reality, I’m pretty laid back with parenting.  She’s still alive right?

Just kidding.

Parenting is teaching me a whole new level of patience.  I’m just not sure if I’m learning it or not.


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