Black Market, here I come! Ohhai FBI.



So I’m thinking about moving back into my bathroom again.  Was it you Em who I talked to about putting a t.v. in there?
For real.  A flat screen.  Oh.  A laptop stand.  Pillow and Blanket.  Yup.

I’ve also decided to buy stock in Immodium as well as every anti-nausea med I can get my hands on.
I know how much I live on it.  I know other patients do too.

[Speaking of which, I wanna walk to raise money this summer.  I better have fucking volunteers]

Crohns Disease

A literal pain in the ass.  For real.  I know there are other diseases out there that are far worse, but at the same time the population needs to realize that Crohns and it’s sister Ulcerative Colitis are serious conditions.  Not just a simple stomach ache.  Untreated Crohns kills people, and it’s NOT a pretty way to go.  Not to mention slow.

Severe Arthritis
Brittle Bones
Internal Bleeding
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Massive Dental Issues

Those are just a handful of side effects of Crohns Disease.  Ironically, those are also the side effects of most of the medications used to treat moderate to severe Crohns disease.

Let me tell you my symptoms.
Severe Stomach Pain
Severe Anemia
Retina issues
Bleeding of the gums.

Sounds like a simple stomach ache to me right?  Wrong.

Friends of mine watched me in excruciating pain while I lost a total of 75lbs.  One of the same friends watched her mother go through a similar battle, and is watching yet again thanks to insurance companies.  It’s not pretty.  Unless you think coma-tose anorexic cryng girls are pretty.  Then it’s on.

I’m sick again.  I just finished my last prescription yesterday (for all the good it is doing me) and have weaseled one more month out of my doctor.  I do not have health insurance, and the blood test that is required for my meds is too expensive.  I’ve been sick with full blown yet moderate symptoms for about 2 weeks.

I’ve lost 7 lbs.

I went from 139 to 132.

That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is to someone who struggles to keep weight on.  Earlier this year… or last year… Beginning of November I weighed 113.  I went from a size 14 to a size 0.  I lost all muscle tone, my complexion and energy.

I went into remission and gained some weight back and managed to hold it for 2 months.  And here we are.
I am terrified of being that sick again. I want to stay at the weight I’m at.  I want to eat with out pain.  I want to drink with out pain.

I never want to hear “I thought you were dying” again.

I would love, not for the world to take pity, but for the world to be aware of what Crohns and UC can do to a person, to a family.

Google it.
Support it.
If you have a spare dollar donate it.


2 thoughts on “Black Market, here I come! Ohhai FBI.

  1. Emily

    I’m pretty sure that we decided in a whole media center… tv, computer, phone chargers, coffee maker, and a comfy blanket.

    But wait, you’re not allowed to have another, um shall we call it an attack? How much does the blood work cost? If that’s the only reason you’re sick again I’m gonna be ticked. I’m almost positive that between all your friends and associates (snort) myself included, we could pitch in. Yeah I know you’re not one to ask for help… but I for one do not want to sit around and watch you turn into Bionic Butt Girl again. Seriously.

  2. Meg

    Im sooo sorry your going thru this shit all over again! You know, I understand. I have been doing ok the last week, started eating Macrobioticly, guess thats the right terminology, and feeling ok. Not 100% but decent. Losing weight also. I hope things even out for you and you get well. I really think you should go see my Dr Tasiopolous, he is AWESOME!! Your in my thoughts and prayers Sarah. Take Care! = )

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