Yes, it has been awhile.


Hey you.  Yes I know, it’s been awhile.  It’s been 6 years.  It’s been a long while.  Yes, my life has changed, I know I’m different.  But you look the same.  You are the same.   Yes I know I gave it a chance all those years ago, and yes YOU know how miserably you failed.  You know how miserable you made me, despite the fun beginning.  No.  I don’t really think of you anymore.  I’ve run into a few people who remind me of your face, but you were so temporary, and our “thing” went down in flames, so the memory passes quick.   I’m sure you remember me.  I’m sure you miss me.  You miss anything remotely like me.  You never let go of the past.  I let go.  You ruined an entire scene for me.  Yes I know you’re all “missing out”.  No.  I don’t care.  I never did.  It was fun.  It had potential.  That all went down the drain because of your actions.  I’m glad.  I’m flattered that you think your wiles still work.  They never worked in the first place.  Sure you know what I like, and you tried, but it got you no where last night did it?  Did you like me standing there motionless?  No emotion?  No response?  That should have been enough for you to see right there.  Yes I brushed your cheek with my lips, but you forgot that I said goodbye.

I didn’t want to see you again, but I’m not horribly bothered by it.  It’s the past and I never relive the past.  Goodbye.


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