You know what disgusts me?  You know what irritates me to no end?  The fact that the majority of my generation (and the generations underneath me) have no idea what’s going on in Congress.  They have no clue what is happening in our government.  They have no interest in learning about the laws, bills, or important events.  The fact that someone on Facebook had to message me and ask “What’s Health Reform?” makes me nauseous.  The fact that people can’t name a single congressman makes me irate.

You uneducated bastards!  You seriously don’t care what happens in your country?  You don’t care?  You’re a piece of shit.  Oh and on a simular note, next time an anti-immigration piece of shit spouts off to me and doesn’t know the current laws, I’m going to break your face.  At least educate yourself.  “Immigrants shouldn’t be here because they weren’t born here” Eat shit.  “Illegal Immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to stay regardless of their legally born children” Go to hell.  Seriously.  Why?  If you can actually back up your immediate statements then I might show you some respect.

Don’t even get me started on Feminism/Abortion.  I have YET to meet someone on EITHER side of the fence who can back up what their spouting….

Oh… and side note:  You know there is a government website that states what’s going on.  Go read it.  Stop watching Fox and realize there is more shit going on in the world.  I’m too irritated to continue this rant.  Need a cigarette.  I’ll write more after 2pm.


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