Mornings Shmornings


I used to love the mornings.  I had this wonderful ability to get out of bed and be PERKY.  Yes.  PERKY.  I was one of those annoying girls that would have one too many cocktails and bound out of bed at 9am ready to run a god-damned marathon.  I mean, that was totally a plus when Noodle was a baby.  It was like “Oh, well she wants to be awake at 5am?  Cool, I’ll just make some coffee and start my to-do list”.  *Snort*  Looking back, I kind of want to choke myself.

I am no longer a morning person.  I actually have a really hard time in the mornings now.  For some reason that’s when I’m the sickest.  No one is exactly able to explain this, and my doctor thought it was just a huge coincidence, but whatever.  In the mornings, I feel like killing people.  My stomach hurts, my body hurts (more stiffness most days) and apparently I’m just a huge bitch to everyone.   *Shrugs*  Once I wake up and manage to get my body in check a little bit (which is nearing impossible these past couple of days) I think it’s funny.  I swear to god, there’s like a 15 foot radius around me, where no living thing will cross in the morning.  I’m not lying!  As I’m sitting here typing this (and considering buying a new immune system off the local black market) my cats are sitting far across the room glaring at me, and my daughter is chirping “Momma more coffee” from THE OTHER ROOM.

Blah.  Well, I guess just add how I’ve changed in the mornings to my list of “Why I hate my body/Crohns Disease” examples.

Humph.  It is getting close to springtime here in the midwest.  (I’m still convinced that it’ll snow on my birthday- April 5th- mark your calendars bitches!) so I’m hoping my health improves or at least my outlook.  It’s hard being sick in the winter, but it’s cold and gross and I just wanna be inside anyway.  When it’s nice out?  Forget it.  I get all super pissy.

I don’t care that I’m sick.  I am STILL going out to enjoy the weather this week, and NOTHING, will stop me.


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