Son of a bitch, my birthday is tomorrow.


I’m gunna get drunk tonight!  And tomorrow… and the day after.  Why?  What is my excuse to be a drooling lush for the next three nights and 2 days?  It’s my freakin’ birthday tomorrow.  Yup.  Birthday.  I’ll be 24.  Oh yay.  Honestly, it’s just another day, it always has been, but the difference?  I can actually party.  Let me give you a list of what I did for the last chunk of years.

18-just had a baby and went out to dinner then to work
21-pregnant, stayed home
22- sick, hospitalized a week later
23- nothing, jackass lost his job and I couldn’t do anything

So this year?  I’m going to do stuff!  What?  I’m not sure.  I know I’m drinking tonight, or something.  Tomorrow, I really don’t know, I have to go to my Dad’s (drinking and food) for Easter, then prolly more drinking, then Tuesday?  Tim has Noodle over night… I sense dinner and then the Tiki-Bar (MANDY-WE’RE GOING).  Either way if I still know my name at the end of the day I will be highly disappointed in myself.

I thought about throwing a party, but decided that was too much work and kind of lame.  No one else is going to do it, so I’m just going to run crazy and terrorize the county this week.  It’s been a while.. well kind of but still.


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