Birthdays. Crap. I’m this much closer to adult diapers.


So this past Monday was my birthday.  I’m now 24.  Hoorah.  Haha.  “So how does it feel to be 24?” “That’s the gayest question you could possibly ask me, fag”.

N and I drank into my birthday Sunday night which was fun… nothing like entering your birthday drunk.  Just chilled out during the day and visited my Dad (after helping out at a crazy accident) and Fam.  We had Easter dinner and hugn out. Tried to find something to do at night.  No bites.  We ended up attempting to go see Repo Men, but I got totally sidetracked by the thunderstorms and dragged N to the lake with me and then on a walk down the pier.  Calm night, sober night, but a good night.

Tuesday?  Noodle went with her Dad so it was ON!  N replaced  my taillights (re: OMG Ihavetailightsandamnolongeramovingtarget) and dug/built me a brick fire-pit in the backyard.  It looks awesome… both my car and my fire pit!  It’s sooo odd to have taillights and turn-signals now.. I still roll down my window half way to hand-signal before I remember.  So after a quick nap, I picked up Nick and met Carl, Mandy, Brandy,Charles and Tim (not my ex) at Bay Billards.  Where I shot pool, shot the shit, and got drunk.  Haha.  I’m so glad they came out, seeing as everyone else flaked haha.  After that we went up to my buddy Joe’s and I continued to drink while taking a trip down memory lane (re: cop: you almost t-boned me! ).  Then back home, an half an hour drive of me giggling like a school girl.

All in all a decent night.  I wasn’t quite as obliterated as planned, but it was a good birthday.  I’m glad I spent it with my friends and such, it’ll be a good memory to look back on.  <3


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