I suck a lot of… uh… smoothies?


I’m alive bitches!!  Haha!
Stupid innards can NOT stop me!!

They sure can piss me off though!

So I’m feeling a lot better now!  I am still really tired, but my insides aren’t hurting nearly as much.  The liquid diet sucked, but I cheated and ate toast and granola in my yogurt yesterday and did fine.  So tonight… I… (*cue suspenseful music*) ate a real meal.  I got sick once, but I can totally function!  My stomach (now) barely hurts and I actually feel full.  I’m so excited!

The medications I am on are definitely helping.  (Speaking of which, I have to swallow my pride and tithe to the pharmaceutical god to refill my Pentasa) The sedative I’m on is helping the most.  I take a half dose at night to help me sleep and smooth out my (crazy-neurotic-might-kill-you) moods and honest to god I think that’s what’s helping.  I haven’t slept this good in YEARS!  I’m stressed still, but now I have the sense to talk myself through it.  I definitely do not like the fact that I’m taking these meds, but at this point anything will help, and for the first time since the Zoloft-Zombie-Incident 14 years ago, I’m willing to give it a shot.

I have an appointment with my G.I. doctor on Wednesday in the afternoon.  I’m not looking forward to it in reality, but Dr. Chaio is awesome.  He actually called me today to see how I was doing and make sure I was holding up with my normal responsibilities and congratulated me on my job (I have no idea how his Asian ass figured out I had an interview).  I’m hoping the steroids continue to work, that way I don’t have to drastically change treatment.  Either way, I’m looking forward to fucking with him.  I can’t decide on whether to freak out about growing a mustache (which I haven’t… so don’t even start)  or tell him the steroids have made me a nympo.  We’ll see how I feel that day.  I’m just glad I have a team of doctors that can tolerate me, unlike Dr. Wait’s team who got all upset about the Army Figurine comment before the colonoscopy.

So besides all that medical crap, I got a job today.  I will be a server at Luther Village’s Dining hall.  It’s a flat rate, plus incentives but I can’t accept tips (not like the elderly tip well anyway).  I went to the interview, nailed it, and took my drug test.  The drug test is going to be interesting because of all my meds, but hey they said they’ll just call my pharmacy.  I hope to start training on Saturday.  Either way, I swear, if something fucks this up, I quit life and am going on a year long bender.  Simple as that.  I already checked, my liquor store has cheap boxed wine.

The only thing that’s bothering me this week is my lack of a break from my kiddo.  I love her to death, but I need a break, especially when I’m trying to get better.  Before, Tim took Noodle Tuesday and Thursdays, this week he isn’t because apparently he got another job.  (Which I hope works out, seriously) I’m just hoping I get a break so we don’t drive each other insane.

So last night Nick and I went to see Repo Men.  That movie kicked sooo much ass, and the half naked Jude law definitely made my night.  Like, had to change my panties made my night.  MMMM.  Anyway, the movie actually kicked a lot of ass.  Good story line, lots of gore and fighting, a not so mushy love affair, and a twist ending.  I am actually going to  buy it when it comes out!  I recommend it to everyone!


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