Finally. I no longer want to be the box-o-wine mom…. most of the time :)


It’s about damned time.  Things are finally looking up in Sarah’s-Wonderful-World-of-Insanity.  It seems like for so long things just kept getting fucked up.  Jobs, Health, Business, School, Legal Issues, you name it and it was screwed up.  I’d manage to get one thing back on track and BAM, just like too many shots of Jack (my ever-loving-ex-boyfriend), something else would hit the floor.

Things finally seem to be coming together.  I really hope this isn’t a mirage, I am way too excited!  First off, I’m feeling better!  I’m not 100% but definitely close!  I’m really hoping that I can get off these steroids with out a problem.  Then of course, I start my new job (training) on this coming Tuesday!!  Freaking finally!  I’m excited like a crack head who found a crack rock!  I’m so psyched to have regular income coming in again.  I can finally start fixing my credit so I can make some big purchases next year!  (Surprise!) Then of course I’m finally getting my house in shape and finishing up this semester at school.  I have decided to take a break from school this summer (the first break in 2 years), and am okay with that.

All in all.  Good times.


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