You must have a small penis.


Okay, so I started work today.  I am now a server at Luther Village, which is an elder facility/neighborhood.  It’s only part time for now, but it was suuuuuper easy.  Like fucking ridiculous.  Like I’m pretty sure I annoyed all the residents easy.  *Sighs*  I wish all days were that easy!

Moving on.  So my co-workers.  Yeah.  I feel like a fucking elder myself compared to the rest of the servers, they’re all basically high school students.  Pretty cool kids though.  Seriously.  There’s this one kid, who every one kept saying he might as well be my brother re: piercings and tatts and being socially obnoxious.  His name is Nick, but I changed it to Fabio.  He’s cool people, and I can see us getting into a lot of trouble (fun) together.  I also named this guy Donald, this big black mother fucker, Ducky.  Yeah.  I even say it with a squeaky voice.  Then he laughs like a girl.  Then he calls me a crazy white broad.  Then I nod.  Heh.

But there’s this ONE KID.  He started today too.  I have blocked out his name he annoyed me so badly.  Every time he talked I stared at him and envisioned choking the ever living shit out of him.   THIS KID, okay, he’s like 19, 100lbs soaking wet, and as white as white can be.  He liked my tattoos (which were only visible for an hour while I was doing sidework) and perceeded to tell me how his “friend is in a gang, yo, and he too me to the HOOD, yo and I got this tattoo”.  the tattoo is a blur about the size of a quarter.  I wanted to back hand this kid.  Instead I growled and walked away.

I can tell him and I are going to have a glorious relationship.

I think I’m going to buy him some proactive.


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