Keep on trucking bitchface.


This week I have kicked my ass into high gear.  Like Ireallyshouldbespeed-ballingtokeepup high gear. (Calm down, I don’t do drugs people, I’m drinker-to-get-drunk kind of girl).  Seriously though.  I decided I need to get my life in shape, and started earlier this week.  Lets just say I’m tired, and I understand why my (pussy) sister drinks wine now… I could totally use a box.

Okay.  So not only did I start work this week (doh! Totally gottah work tomorrow night) but I started busting ass and walking.  I usually do a mild work out at home, but I’ve decided to walk my bony ass as much as I can.  Nick and I went to the forest perserve and walked what…. 5-6 miles the first two days?  I added in another 2 miles this morning.  My legs burn.  I’m walking funny…. hahaha.  It’s also a plus because it clears my head.  I plan on doing this all summer unless it’s like tornadoing or something.  Then I’ll find a sitter and go on my own lmao.

I also landed another job interview for Friday morning.  An eyeglass place.  They called me 2 hours after I put in my application.  I’m hoping for something higher paying than what I have and not to mention 20 mins away vs 40 is a total plus.   So we’ll see where this leads.  Chances are I’ll prolly accept the job if offered.

Beyond that I’ve been busting my ass on next sessions classes, and they haven’t even started yet.  I finished my Critical Thinking paper today too.  I’m soo done with school for tonight.  Blah

I want wine.  Like yesterday.


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