Okay.  I’m simply an idiot.  I was setting up the sprinkler in the back yard for the short one, and completely forgot that I have a new brick fire pit.  Yeah.  So I’m backing up…. backing up…. and bam.  I cut the crap out of the insides of my ankles.  Yeah.  Like bad enough to make me gimp.  On top of the swollen joints (thank you steroids, where the hell are my muscles!) I walk like… well… like someone threw me down a flight of stairs. Moron moment of the week!

So today was pretty good.  We went to the forest preserve this morning (noticing a trend?) and walked all over the place.  Really rough on my knees (again, fucking steroids… I get old people body but no gdamned muscles??!) but the exercise felt good and it helped to chat and clear my mind.

After that I picked up my short one and maimed myself.  Just hung out after that until I had school.


Management 303.

Freaking shoot me.  For real.  This class sucked so bad, I was having flashbacks to Environmental Science in High School.  This teacher kept us until 9:30, an hour later than average, and I swear if I see one more power point presentation this week, I’m going to stab him in the neck.  >.<

I lost 4 hours of my life that I can’t get back.

I seriously sat there, facebooked and thought about drinking before class next week.  That led to thinking about hot pink fake nails, bleach blonde hair, and a 6 pack.  Ooooh the possibilities for next week.


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