The kindness of near strangers.


Sometimes we all take humanity for granted.  I for one am a believer in the idea that most of the population is made up of nothing but assholes.  However, time and time again, I get proven wrong.  It always seems to come at the best possible time, when I’m fed up with life and frustrated as all get out!

So last night at work, I was having a hard time in general, not with my work, just with life.  Too much was going on at once and after all of my tables left I had time to think and before I knew it, tears were rolling down.  I ran behind the bar and hid in the corner so I could calm myself and clear my head.  The bartender, whom I call Husband (and he calls me Wife, so it’s equally creepy!) asked me if it was my stomach bothering me.  I told him it was but I was also have major financial issues, losing a friend and on top of it losing a roommate.  Being sick on top of it just puts me over the edge.  He looked at me and said “Wife, I wish I could win the lottery so I could help and take you to the Bahamas” and I smiled and went on with work.  Later that night, I was closing out my tabs, and told him “I’m sorry for getting upset in front of you, thank you.”  He said “Don’t ever apoligize, that’s what friends are for, and we all have crappy days”.  I had to push it and say “I can’t let my bad ass reputation get ruined” and he pointed out that I was wearing a shiny blue tie and it kind of ruined it.

Regardless, knowing that that one person cared, even though I’ve only worked with him for 1 month, made my day just a little bit easier.  Someone out there cares, someone who has no reason to.

Moments like that restore my faith in humanity.


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