This is it I’m shaking.


Ugh.  No blogging for the past 10 days, but in my defense, I was busy! I definitely have a lot of crap on my mind though, so if this blog makes no sense, just close it.   Or read it and think I’m nuts.  I really don’t care.  I don’t particularly write for any of you assholes, but more to keep my sanity.  Or lack there of, or whatever.

So I’ve been trying to jam pack memories into a couple of weeks and it’s been a blast.  Last week Nick and I went up to my Dad’s lake house.  Him and Linda own a bit of property up in Montello, Wisconsin, where my family has been spending time and living for generations.  I decided to drag him up there to just relax and get away.  It was pretty cool, my pops is building this huge asshole log cabin and I nearly shit myself when I saw it.  I’m glad he’s finally planning his retirement.  God knows after my sister and I he’s going to lose his mind.  So yeah, we just hung out, putzed around town, and relaxed.  We went back up to Wisconsin a couple of days ago to go camping at Devils lake.  If you haven’t gone up there, you really should!  It’s beyond beautiful up there!  We went hiking up this oh-my-god-I-smoke-too-much bluff and the view was just cool.  I was pretty proud of myself for not tweaking out (I have a phobia bout being up high and not steady) and making it to the top in one piece.  I managed to go swimming in the lake and push Nick in.  We went down some long trails as well and just relaxed watching the sunset over the lake.  Now that was pretty!   The only bad thing…. not very many decent looking people up there lol!  A lot of butterfaces and ewwwwwies.  Haha, but I guess that’s what you get with the boonies.  Honestly though, it was peaceful.  There is nothing like waking up to the gurgle of a small creek and all of the birds and animals in the morning.


Other than that, things are fine I guess.  Just been working as much as I can and trying to get my life straight.  My job is going well, but unfortunately yet again, it just doesn’t pay enough.  I have a job interview this afternoon, and I’m praying like all get out that I get this job.  If I did, it would pay enough to drop some hours at the restaurant and have a day off.

I decided to take some time off school for this summer, despite how gorgeous my cultures teacher is, and change schools in the fall.  I mentally cannot handle school right now and want to focus on getting healthy and work.  That and Devry is just way too expensive.  I mean come on!!  A high class hooker couldn’t pay for these classes!  So the local college it is!!


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