Well Hello thunderstorm, rain on that parade!


Noo, I’m not going to the parade.  My towns parade is the equivalent to watching an immigration rally.  I’m good.  Memorial day isn’t about rights, it’s to remember.  But that’s a whole different vent that I don’t feel like getting into.

I do love some thunderstorms though, summer wouldn’t be summer with out them.  I have my windows open, my cup of coffee, and am listening to the breeze fly through my trees.  There’s something calming about thunderstorms to me.   I think it’s supposed to be the opposite but I’ve always loved thunderstorms.

My brain has been so freakin’ chaotic lately that I welcome a moment of calm in my head.  I just have so much going on that I can’t keep my thoughts straight.  Yesterday was just re-cock-ulous.  I was having anxiety attack after anxiety attack.  Klonopin was my friend again, which pissed me off all the more seeing as how I quit taking it.  Oh well, that day is gone, and a new one has begun, and I haven’t committed homicide yet so we’re alll good.


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