Rambling. And no. I’m STILL sober. (WTF RIGHT?)


Ahh.  Today was a little harder than usual.  I think it was because for the first time in 6 days I haven’t kept myself insanely busy.  I mean.  I cleaned my house… well the kitchen and the living room… and I finished my third novel in said 6 days.   But mostly I was stuck here thinking.  I got a little sad but that’s life I guess.  It’s just so bizarre not having Nick here to hang out when I’m bored.  This is the longest I haven’t seen him in 10 months, and it’s only going to go on forever (or until I rack up a few hundo for a plane ticket).  It’s just weird.

I went to the forest preserve last night after moping around the house for a little while.  It was definitely a nice time, at first it drug up a lot of memories I hadn’t remembered, so I was a bit melancholy for a while, but like usual the forest helped clear my head.  Noodle and I went right after it stopped raining, so it still smelled of rain and forest.  Add a cool breeze and it was perfect.  Something about that place clears my head.  Even though I have a lot of happy memories (that for now cause me to tear up) there I can manage to walk through all of my thoughts.

After I got home, my buddy Joe stopped over for a few beers.  That was definitely nice.  (I miss the hell out of you Joe!!) Just chilled, talked, and he fixed my computer for me!  (Stupid Windows Vista was definitely created to annoy all Microsoft users) It was nice to have company over to just chill and hang out with.  The other night Mandy and Mama (Yay!!!) had coffee with me, first at Mandy’s then at mine.  It was so good to be able to talk things out with them (finances, relationships, and stress in general) and of course I love seeing my Mandy and I hadn’t seen Mama in forever!  I know I’m forgetting some people, but give me a break, I’ve gotten next to no sleep lately and even though I’ve been sober (minus a small buzz for the Stanley Cup) the whole time, I’m not completely coherent.  Anyways, to all my friends (and lurkers) thanks for hanging with me, it helps a lot and I missed a lot of you!!

Ahh.  Job Interview.  Right.  I’m supposed to be excited right?  Sorry.  Slipped my mind.  I had a job interview at a grill/restaurant this morning.  It’s more “fast food” than anything, kind of like Sammies, but cleaner.  The owner is looking for someone to cover for his daughter, whom is moving away, and eventually move up towards manager and else-what.  A lot of hours, not sure on the pay yet.  But it’s a better option regardless than my current job, so we’ll see.  He has one more interview tomorrow, and “unless this girl is Paula Dean” I’m hired.  So… yay?


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