Because Court is a Bitch on a leash.


Okay, serves me right for not double checking my freakin’ ticket.  I thought I had court at 9am.  Totally not until 10:30.  So I got up and moving early after a couple hours of sleep for NO REASON.  Yeah.  Can you tell I’m a tad bit bitchy? BITCHY? Stupid traffic cops.  I got a ticket for “following too closely” after my foot slipped off the break and I TAPPED someone’s bumper while waiting for a train.  The driver was cool, the wife made him call the police.  I dreamed of eating her eyeballs.  So I’m going to court to plead “not-guilty” and hopefully she doesn’t show so it gets dismissed.  Jeez.  There was NO DAMAGE.


Anyway, I have a feeling today is going to be a weird day.  I woke up to a text message that made me laugh and remember.  A good start to the day, but I’m a little sad because of it.  So my mood is a bit off.   I think I’ll be alternating between bitchy and mellow all day.  Meh.  The gods better pray I get a nap before work otherwise I’m going to be incredibly vengeful.  Like glaring at old people vengeful.  Like jipping them on their liquor vengeful.  Like taking over the world except for Russia (because frankly, who wants Russia) vengeful.

At least I’m not going down the cannibalism track today.  Not yet at least.  We’ll see how well court goes.  Maybe I’ll eat the judge for breakfast.  My stomach is kind of rumbly.

Forest Preserve
Work @ 4
Then Bristol.


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