:) Simple as that. Bitchface.


Today was a good day.  I’m smiling.  I drove home with my windows down, my hand waving in the wind.  Driving into the sunset.

I wish for a better life.  I think I’m finally on my way.  I can’t have everything I want, no matter how I strive, for the first time in my life, but I’ll move on.  I promise.  It hurts a little less each day.

My job is pretty cool.  I already know how to do 90% of my shit, and the only other 2 coworkers (one of which I’m replacing… the manager… in August) are fucking cool.  My boss is a little tweaky, but he’s a broke business owner so I can deal with it… still better than the greeks.

The best part, I’ll be making more in the 3 days I’m working this week than I do in two weeks at Luther Village.  I’m glad I made this choice (so far).  Lets just hope I’ve got the right first impression.

“The same tricks that once fooled me, they won’t get you anywhere”

Remember that fools.  I’m moving on up.


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