Rock and Roll Baby, Don’t you know we’re all alone now.


“Cause I’d rather waste my life pretending, then have to forget you for one whole minute”

I think I’m going insane.  I seriously do.  I caught myself explaining my actions to my radio earlier.  Yup.  That’s me.  Certified Insane like a 10 year Meth Head minus the Meth part.  I’ve been swinging from highs to lows all day, I should seriously see if I’m bi-polar.  Maybe I can get disability.  Or not (because I think that’s gay).  One minute, I’m happy and hopeful.  The next minute I’m damn near tears and lonely.  I manage to pull myself out of the slump, just to dive head first back in a couple hours later.  All I know is that I’m getting seriously annoyed with myself.  I swear, I feel like my brain is… on drugs.  Does anyone remember that particular commercial from my childhood?  That crazy chick has the eggs and says “This is your brain” and then goes psycho-bitch-from-hell in her kitchen smashing said eggs.  Then she says “This is your brain on drugs”.  Remember?  Yeah.  My brain.  Minus drugs.  But yeah.

I don’t know.  I guess it’s just finally getting to me.  I can’t manage to stay busy enough.  Then add in all of my crazy fucking goals and I may as well be aspiring to discover electricity.  Before it existed.  Ha.  I gottah get myself out of this slump though.  I don’t wanna become the crazy lady who talks to her cats all day.

Been really busy though, and I guess that’s a plus.  Hung out with Mr. Joe D. tonight.  Played cards and listened to music.  Nice way to unwind for sure.  Went Dancing on Monday, Harvard the other day to mini bike and hang out, and random assorted crap.  Add work to the mix and I haven’t been home a whole lot.  Thank god.

Work’s really good btw.  Just in case you were wondering.



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