Choke on it


I am sick and tired of pretending I don’t hurt. That I’m not pissed. That I don’t care. Well. I do, and that pisses me off even more! I took every single precaution to not care, to not get hurt but fuck.

Then I realize how one sided my fucking life is. Everything I put out there is by effort on my part, all of my emotions I share with other people are one fucking sided. (Okay, not all but you know what I’m talking about). I would do anything for some people and I don’t see that in return. I even sometimes see blatant disrespect, and even more so dishonesty. Fuck it.

I have such huge goals, huge aspirations and I tone them down when I’m speaking so I don’t make people feel down or low. Fuck it. I’m done. I’m moving the fuck up and putting myself first. I don’t need anyone hurting me or dragging me down and I refuse to deal with it anymore. Sure I can say I don’t need anyone, but that’s not true. However, people learn how to cope.

So adios douchebags and douchewhores. I’ll see you at the top, or I’ll wave as I’m passing you up.

(Sidenote, this is not directed at the few friends I have that have stood by me all these years. If you get offended, this is prolly directed at you)

Eat that and Choke on it.


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