Get the FUCK over it.


You know what’s pissing me off this morning?  FUCKING COMPLAINERS.  It’s cool if you’re having a really hard time and you need to vent, but when your “world comes crashing down” every 30 minutes, I’m going to choke the ever living hell hell out of you.  Everyone has a bad day, granted, but I guess I gauge complaining by my own reactions.  So let me explain my fucking last two weeks to you.  Seriously, sit back and enjoy.

My good friend/psuedo boyfriend with whom I spent almost every other day with, for almost a year moved away.
I got a new job and quit my old one.
I got fired because of a technicality and now have no income to support my daughter on
I am now in the middle of a Crohns flare that is adding more to my insomnia, I can’t eat, I can’t even drink water with out pain, I already dropped 15lbs in the last month, 8 more lbs and I’m “underweight”.

So how many of you have seen me break down in the past two weeks.  Like wig the fuck out?  Have I posted any paragraph long facebook updates about how fucking sucky my life is?  Have I CRIED in front of any of you (I know Mandy and Charles have seen it, anyone else? )  NO.  My life blows at the current moment, but I’m trying to make it better.  I don’t throw my shit all over facebook to get pity, sure it’s on my personal blog, but that’s a fucking BLOG.

I am sooo sick of seeing this stupid bullshit and hearing about how so and so is so fucked up because her boyfriend of 2 weeks broke up with her.  If one more person tells me that they wanted to go to the Salon but settled on a shopping spree, I may just eat your fucking heart right out of your chest.  WITH FUCKING CHOPSTICKS.

SUCK IT THE FUCK UP.  Your life is NOT that bad, hell, my life is not that bad, it could always be worse.  If you think your world is ending because a guy dumped you after a few weeks, or your mom asked you to come home before 2am, or you don’t have enough money to go out to eat, I’m going to fucking kill you.


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