Banned from the ER.


So I went to Lake Forest Emergency Center in Grayslake today.  I have had problems swallowing for a little while now, and I finally went in to get it checked out.  Well, as of right now they think it’s scar tissue that may or may not be infected (yay, more steroids) and I have to go see an ENT if it doesn’t go down by Monday.  2 Ivs, drugs, and some threats later, I was discharged against medical advice.  Seriously.  Not staying at the hospital.  Eat shit.

Apparently next time I need treatment they “strongly recommend” that I go to another facility.  :) I have no idea why.  What was it that irritated them?  The castle out of barf containers?  Playing catch the lube with the metal kid across the hall (one of the packets may have accidentally hit the nurse manager)?  Trying to get the Xray/Cat Scan tech to throw devil horns on camera (he totally did, but apparently his boss didn’t like it)? Going through the drawers?  It’s not like my re-organization skills weren’t awesome or anything! Hahaha.  By the time I was done, they had “banned” me from using my blackberry, shut my door, and took all fun play things out of the room.   It’s good to know I can still piss off an ER staff with minimum effort.


2 thoughts on “Banned from the ER.

  1. Emily

    ohhhh… pretty new page. My sister and I got kicked out of our local VA Hospital when my dad got stones removed. Between naming the stones, and playing with his monitors they’s got mad. But I have yet to play catch with lube and a metal kid… *snort* <3

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