Lyrics and dysfunctional people that need them.


So the question came up, how can a song remind you of someone?  Or in that case, a memory, a feeling, or whatever.  You know what I mean (at least I hope so, or get the hell off my page).  Like this for example….

… reminds me of Nick, I think it was the first song that I realized we both liked.  Or this…

… reminds me of Patch and Scuzz, this was the first Social D song I had ever heard (10 years ago now), and I remember Scuzz and Patch singing this in the driveway of Patch’s house.

Music just does that.  I’m very music oriented, every single thing I do I can attach to a song.  Any song you play, as long as I’ve heard it (which chances are…) I have a memory attached to it.  I guess that’s just how my memory works.  I know for most people, okay, maybe just myself, I have a hard time expressing myself, so what I do, is I find a song that describes how I’m feeling right now.   Like…

… this song.  Well.  Not all of it.  Just the “So I’ll stay out all night, get drunk, fuck and fight.  Until the morning comes, I’ll forget about our life”.  Earlier, my mood was described by “Born for This” by Paramore.

See what I mean?  Yeah.  Maybe I’m insane.  But it works for me.  Music has this effect on me, it makes me feel like someone can relate to how I’m feeling, even though I’m too socially stunted to actually explain my thoughts and emotions to people.

So for each and everyone of you, far away, here, living or passed on.  I have a song.  That when I play it.  I think of you.  I remember you.  I smile or I cry.  But it’s there.  Every single song I have has a piece of someone attached to it.  That way I’ll never forget.


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